January 7th, 2005

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Im Nikol
I'm 21 years old
and I live in California
right now Im going to school getting my AA soon Ill be a mortician Im pretty excited about that

Ive just started my new journal _missnikol
and Im looking for new friends who comment
and are intresting
so add me first if youd like
and comment to my public post
thanks guy

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I'm Kayla.
Single n Crushin.
Comment Whore.

Tunes: [Eminem][50 Cent][Avril Lavigne][Yellowcard][Simple Plan][Slipknot][Good Charlotte][TLC][Linkin Park][Godsmack][D12][Kelly Clarkson]

Interests: [movies][music][happy bunny][garfield][Bobby][chatting][hanging out][photography][sleeping][Starbucks][ghosts][Hello Kitty][my cat][eminem][milkshakes][love][rain][animals]

Want people who comment.. don't comment? Don't add me. If you want to be added comment on my FRIENDS ONLY page or otherwise i will totally ignore you. ^-^
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A Static Lullaby, Hawthorne Heights, Otep, Silverstein, Thrice, Poison The Well, Slipknot, AFI, The Used, Evenecence,As I Lay Dying, Brand New, MCR, Story of the Year, The Postal Service, Dashboard, FATA

Music, photography, love, commenting, writting poetry, degrassi, concerts.. the list goes on..

...Comment whore so if your going to add me all I ask is you comment back...
Comment here or on my journal and add me and I'll add you back.
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::My Basics::

Name:: Kristen

Age:: 16

Location:: Michigan

Some of my favorite music:: My Ruin,Jjack Off Jill, Scarling, Misfits, Danzig, Guns N Roses, Kidneythieves, HIM, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, The Birthday Massacre, and so on, I like all kinds of music really.

Other Info:: I comment alot and I actully read others journal entries, and I expect for you to comment every now and then on my journal if you ask me to add you. My journal is friends only and I am pretty active member on live journal. You can ask me to add you here or on my friends only entry, which ever you prefer. So add me! <333

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Jessie / 15
New York / LJ addict
Nitendo 64 / Comment Whore

Music = Love
All-American Rejects / Blink 182 / Modest Mouse
My Chemical Romance / Yellowcard / Alanis Morissette
Our Lady peace / Sheryl Crow / Blondie / Rooney / Jet / The Beatles
Avril Lavigne / Pat Benatar / Billy Talent / Nickelback
Dashboard Confessional / Sugarcult / Keane
The Used / Boxcar Racer / The Donnas / The Killers
Ashlee Simpson / The Faint / Billy Idol
Gwen Stefani / No doubt / Matchbook Romance
Kelly Clarkson / GreenDay / Maroon 5
Franz Ferdinand / GC

!Napoleon Dynamite! / Donnie Darko / School of Rock
Dodgeball / Austin Powers 1;2&3 / The O.C / Aqua Teen Hunger Force
FAmily Guy / Teen Girl Squad / Eyeliner / Holding Hands / Hugs / Pearls
Jeans / Delias T-Shirts / Carbs / Rock / Hot Accents
Tennis / Comments / Commenting / Orange Juice / Pictures & Taking Pictures
Harry Potter / Icons / Layouts / Joan of Arcadia / Laughing
Friends / Poker / Boyfriends / The Perks of Being A Wallflower
A tree grows in Brooklyn / Cds / Cherry Pepsi / Burned Cds
Being "One of the Guys" / Sports / Romance
Hollister Sweats / Clothes / Shopping / Snow days
Malls / AE / Playing Spit / Magazines
Jake Gyllenhaal / Andy Roddick / CSI
Pop Tarts / Blue Doritos / Earrings / My cd player

Strongly Dislikes
TyPiNg LiK dIs / My Retainers / Being "One of the Guys"
Losing ..Im a poor sport / Sluts
Girls who have everything and everyone you want / Being Sick
Liars / Boys who Lead you on / Cold Showers / School Swimming Pools
My sister sometimes / Apple Juice / Babysitting
People who don't Comment / Snobby People who think they're better than others
Racists / Putting the Christmas tree away / Cleaning / Drugs
Stuffy Noses / Commercials / Mean people

Because I'm a comment whore.
Because you need a good friend?
Because you know you want to.

BUT; don’t add me because you just want more friends.
Or if you don’t comment.

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name; nykki

age; 16

location; columbus, oh

loves; lj, myspace, music, concerts, driving, my friends, comments

hates; working, speeding tickets, backstabbers, insects

add me =] i just got a new journal so im starting over!
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Add me darling

Hey everyone.

cait;;15;;sophomore;;NJ;;pink;;tennis;;pearls;;OCD;;desperate housewives;;maroon5;;people with cool nicknames;;new england;;europe;;

add me, either comment here or on my most recent post [sea_deep], add me back. ♥