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Yes. I am a comment whore. I comment on all my friends entries. I don't want any stupid friends. (ie: your entry looks like so "lyke omg i went shopping with my friends *insert stupid names here* and we like saw this cute boy!!") I don't want friends who update 10 times a day and make my friends page scroll. Unnecissarily(sp?). So, add me first, comment here, or on my friends post, and I'll look into it and add you back. Oh, if you want to chat on AIM to get to know eachother, you can IM me on goodbye x signal.


I'm Nicole, but it's rare that I am called that except for in school by my teachers, fellow peers, and my parents. I'm a 15 year old girl, born on Valentines day of '89, living in the beautiful state of New York. I'm currently a Sophomore at my highschool, and plan to graduate in June of 2007. I'm atheist, which means I don't believe in any god, or higher power. I love to read, and write. I don't write often, but when I do they're crazy stupid things about rabid squirells, and such. I love Romance, and Vampire Novels. I guess you could say that Vampires are my weakness. They facinate me, even if most don't believe they exist.


Linkin Park. Simple Plan. Breaking Benjamin. ICP. A Perfect Circle. Unwritten Law. Matchbox Romance. AFI. Green Day. Fuel. Coldplay. Muse. Shinedown. Dashboard Confessional. My Chemical Romance. Taking Back Sunday. SoCo. Good Charlotte. Avril Lavigne. FeFe Dobson. The Donnas. Maroon 5. Evanescence. Switchfoot. Christina Aguilera. Mariah Carey. All American Rejects. Kelly Clarkson. Sum 41. NFG. Lost Prophets. Three Days Grace. Story Of The Year. Spineshank. Marilyn Manson. Blink 182. Rob Zombie. Yellow Card. ETC.

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