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Oh my, it's a human.

They usually call me Taylor.
The last time I checked, I was fourteen. Sorry if you're threatened by children, we wouldn't have gotten along anyway. :/ Excessive chatspeak's not spiffy in the least, and the hating of punctuation is horrid (just so you know). 'thIS stUf IzNnnnt CoOlL lYk n3i+hER.'
Fun things are good, so listen up, homie.

Techno is fun. Sociology is fun. Video games are fun. Graphic design is fun.
<3 The Faint, Starlight Mints, Spouse, Jimi Hendrix, Björk, Basia Trzetrzelewska (say her last name and I'll give you a cookie), They Might Be Giants, Modest Mouse, The Pixies, The Lothars, Moxy Früvous, The Kinks, Jamiroquai, Earth Wind & Fire, ATB, and others.

Taylor likes many other things. Wouldn't you love to know what they are (and what they aren't)? toxaphene

If you believe we could be friends and have a grand old time, then you should post. Definitely. Do it here or at my journal. Though, if I think we have nothing in common, then I won't add you. D:

M'kay, bye now.

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