---- addictz hideout .

addicts needing a fresh stash of music ? you got the right place !

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addicted to music ? its okay ~ us too .

mainly driven by canton-pop and j-pop. this rotation runs on a daily basis.
j-rcok is also widely promoted. however, there are many other communities who are j-rock driven, so.. therefore i have decided to create something which focus on canton and j pop.
tw-pop is a side dish and too, is loved.

there really is no rule ... except , share you stash of music !
(fine, there is one-semi-one) please use english. no chinglish, no romanji, no french ... just .. english. thanks. except for song titles of course. but while posting, please use english. consequence is simple : delete.

YSI sharing system is the most recommended medium of sharing.
breifcase and gmail are also welcomed. however, the sharing of password is completely up to you, and the community hold no responsibility if anything happens (deleted content, stolen account .. etc.)

if u like what my community is providing, please spread the words out by linking me!
here are just a couple logos to start off with.
(just use the url of the logos. its totally cool with me!)

date this addication began : april 7th, 2005