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Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Time Event
jpop mp3
venus | tackey&tsubasa | 5.6 (rs)
sayaendou | news | 5.7 (ysi)
f.t.o | kanjani8 | 6.5 (ysi)
congrats news and kanjani8 on scoring #1 on oricon daily single & daily album!!

jrock mp3
flood of tears | laruku | 5.2 (rs)
apparently, this is a limited edition of a single laruku released a long long time ago. i find this song in dune too, but they're different verisons. this has a very strong indies laruku sense to it. if you like the indies laruku, you will like this. i find this special, so i am sharing it... =)
senor senora senorita VERS. DOKUSOU | myv | 10.4 (rs)
miyavi's having another single soon. i heard a preview of it. its pretty good. in the mean time, listen to this instead =)

cpop mp3
句句我愛你 | kary | 6.3 (ysi)
無賴 | ronald | 3.4 (ysi)

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