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wow. i havent updated in the longest time ever. but it does not feel like that because i have been uploading in my podcast instead.

that place is really cool.
first of all, it does not expire
secondly, it is very quick. usually 150 kps for me for downloads.
you can also listen to the song BEFORE you download it. make sure you like the quality, or hear the song for the first time before you dub it onto ur hd!
don't you hate it when you download songs you've never heard before, and you end up not liking it at all? you dont know the artist, and the poster said "I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS!". i get really fustrated. cause everyone's different. what i like does not mean you'll like it too. so ya. you get to hear it.

click here for my PodCast!

here are the songs i have upped at my podcast so far. just a single left click =)

NEWS' Sayaendou
mika's glamorous sky
laruku's twinkle twinkle
FLAME's fundamental loop
KAT-TUN's real face

so from now on, i will share my music at my podcast instead!
i will still update this rotation. but that would be the same stuffs at my podcast. and occassionally, i will do rapidshare for lj or forum requests that i see and link it here as well.
so this community will be like, a cummulative collection of what i had done every once in while. so still please do check here. but for hot releases, please check my Podcast first!
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jpop mp3
venus | tackey&tsubasa | 5.6 (rs)
sayaendou | news | 5.7 (ysi)
f.t.o | kanjani8 | 6.5 (ysi)
congrats news and kanjani8 on scoring #1 on oricon daily single & daily album!!

jrock mp3
flood of tears | laruku | 5.2 (rs)
apparently, this is a limited edition of a single laruku released a long long time ago. i find this song in dune too, but they're different verisons. this has a very strong indies laruku sense to it. if you like the indies laruku, you will like this. i find this special, so i am sharing it... =)
senor senora senorita VERS. DOKUSOU | myv | 10.4 (rs)
miyavi's having another single soon. i heard a preview of it. its pretty good. in the mean time, listen to this instead =)

cpop mp3
句句我愛你 | kary | 6.3 (ysi)
無賴 | ronald | 3.4 (ysi)
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jrock mp3
girls don't cry | the pillows | 1.1

cpop mp3
醒覺 | deep | 6.0
地平線 | ella | 6.4

none of the new songs lately really gets to me. so ya ... the songs i am upping now are all sort of old. a year old ish.... =(
i wish there are more songs that i like ......
(and i am trying to watch a NEWS clip online. and rs always interrupts the part where yamapi runs into the door, forcing me to start it all over again. *shake fists to rs!!!*) (oh. and rs is lagging my entire internet.... ARGIES)
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jrock vid
ashita genki ni naare OFFSHOOT | myv | 34.4 | wmv

i also hv the kinki kids' new single. in fact, i hv had it for like 3 days already. i secriously need to upload it b4 it goes completely out..!! ARGIES. i hate how un-punctual i am.
i was just watching some seishun amigo prefs when i realize i hv never shared any of my 20-some shuuji to akira pref. so yup. i will b doing some major shuuji to akira uploads soon. i guess its like "in memory of shuuji to akira" *sniff sniff* i miss them.
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i am thinking of changing my formatt of sharing music.
like. instead of what i am doing now, updating the journal once in a while, i would make a directory of songs uploaded at rapidshare, since RS holds data up to 30 days, much longer than ysi.
i would still update like this now. but i will also keep a list of active songs on a seperate page. this way, i will be sharing much more music at the same time! =) but should i do that? like. it is a lot of work ...

jrock mp3
link | laruku | 11.0 (rs)
heaven's drive | laruku | 4.8
warning | due le quartz | 6.4
dice | hide | 2.8

jpop mp3
fundamental loop | flame | 5.6