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[29 Mar 2006|10:36pm]

wow. i havent updated in the longest time ever. but it does not feel like that because i have been uploading in my podcast instead.

that place is really cool.
first of all, it does not expire
secondly, it is very quick. usually 150 kps for me for downloads.
you can also listen to the song BEFORE you download it. make sure you like the quality, or hear the song for the first time before you dub it onto ur hd!
don't you hate it when you download songs you've never heard before, and you end up not liking it at all? you dont know the artist, and the poster said "I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS!". i get really fustrated. cause everyone's different. what i like does not mean you'll like it too. so ya. you get to hear it.

click here for my PodCast!

here are the songs i have upped at my podcast so far. just a single left click =)

NEWS' Sayaendou
mika's glamorous sky
laruku's twinkle twinkle
FLAME's fundamental loop
KAT-TUN's real face

so from now on, i will share my music at my podcast instead!
i will still update this rotation. but that would be the same stuffs at my podcast. and occassionally, i will do rapidshare for lj or forum requests that i see and link it here as well.
so this community will be like, a cummulative collection of what i had done every once in while. so still please do check here. but for hot releases, please check my Podcast first!
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[21 Mar 2006|10:27pm]


jpop mp3
real face | kat-tun | 8.3 (direct link)
shunrai | kinki kids | 5.8 (rs)

jpop vid
seishun amigo UTAWARA nov 20, 2005 | shuuji to akira | 29.1 | mpg(rs)
this is the one where shuuji and akira started off singing in the audience, then went down to dance, then joined the rest of KAT-TUN, where jin fangirled yamapi. this is one of the fun prefs =)
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[16 Mar 2006|01:48am]

jpop mp3
venus | tackey&tsubasa | 5.6 (rs)
sayaendou | news | 5.7 (ysi)
f.t.o | kanjani8 | 6.5 (ysi)
congrats news and kanjani8 on scoring #1 on oricon daily single & daily album!!

jrock mp3
flood of tears | laruku | 5.2 (rs)
apparently, this is a limited edition of a single laruku released a long long time ago. i find this song in dune too, but they're different verisons. this has a very strong indies laruku sense to it. if you like the indies laruku, you will like this. i find this special, so i am sharing it... =)
senor senora senorita VERS. DOKUSOU | myv | 10.4 (rs)
miyavi's having another single soon. i heard a preview of it. its pretty good. in the mean time, listen to this instead =)

cpop mp3
句句我愛你 | kary | 6.3 (ysi)
無賴 | ronald | 3.4 (ysi)
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[03 Mar 2006|10:24pm]

jrock mp3
girls don't cry | the pillows | 1.1

cpop mp3
醒覺 | deep | 6.0
地平線 | ella | 6.4

none of the new songs lately really gets to me. so ya ... the songs i am upping now are all sort of old. a year old ish.... =(
i wish there are more songs that i like ......
(and i am trying to watch a NEWS clip online. and rs always interrupts the part where yamapi runs into the door, forcing me to start it all over again. *shake fists to rs!!!*) (oh. and rs is lagging my entire internet.... ARGIES)
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[01 Mar 2006|08:15pm]

jrock mp3
vanishing love | x japan | 5.5
kurenai | x japan | 5.7
angel's tale | hyde | 5.7
beautiful dirt | dir en grey | 2.3
miss rock and roll | aya | 7.0

jpop mp3
teppen | news | 6.0
diamond story | kinki kids | 5.9

all of the files are hosted at rapidshare. so they should last a while =)
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[19 Feb 2006|12:13pm]

tell me, since when can rapidshare tell that my file has been uploaded already or not .... =___=''
since i cannot upload my own pv of season's call. i will just take that like it gives me.
oh. and it doesnt tell me that right away, it has to tell me AN HOUR later ... thats retarded

season's call | hyde | 94.6 | avi
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[11 Feb 2006|05:45am]

mini miyavi fever
pop is dead | miyavi | 3.5
shouri no v-rock | miyavi | 6.5
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[05 Feb 2006|06:39pm]

larc fever
vivid colours | larc | 5.4
ready steady go | larc | 5.2
lost heaven | larc | 7.1
new world | larc | 5.7
honey | larc | 4.3 << my personal favorite, but not a common choice.
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[03 Feb 2006|02:08pm]

jrock vid
ashita genki ni naare OFFSHOOT | myv | 34.4 | wmv

i also hv the kinki kids' new single. in fact, i hv had it for like 3 days already. i secriously need to upload it b4 it goes completely out..!! ARGIES. i hate how un-punctual i am.
i was just watching some seishun amigo prefs when i realize i hv never shared any of my 20-some shuuji to akira pref. so yup. i will b doing some major shuuji to akira uploads soon. i guess its like "in memory of shuuji to akira" *sniff sniff* i miss them.
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[02 Feb 2006|09:00am]

i am thinking of changing my formatt of sharing music.
like. instead of what i am doing now, updating the journal once in a while, i would make a directory of songs uploaded at rapidshare, since RS holds data up to 30 days, much longer than ysi.
i would still update like this now. but i will also keep a list of active songs on a seperate page. this way, i will be sharing much more music at the same time! =) but should i do that? like. it is a lot of work ...

jrock mp3
link | laruku | 11.0 (rs)
heaven's drive | laruku | 4.8
warning | due le quartz | 6.4
dice | hide | 2.8

jpop mp3
fundamental loop | flame | 5.6
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[25 Jan 2006|10:09pm]

rapidshare is finally being nice to me again! so ya. all of the following are rapidshares~ i am scared of ysi now. my computer froze and shut twice cause of ysi.

cpop mp3
哥哥的婚禮 | isabella | 3.7 (rs)
紙醉金迷 | kelly | 6.4 (rs)
雙子龍 | raymond | 5.0 (rs)

jpop mp3
tear lemon drop | sweets | 6.4 (rs)
my confession | flame | 4.8 (rs)
kizuna LIVE | kazuya | 3.8 (rs)
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[24 Jan 2006|11:22pm]

jrock mp3
hello | hyde | 5.7 (rs)
burn out | j | 5.5 (rs)
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[20 Jan 2006|11:50pm]

since ysi has been real slow lately, and i am the most impatiet person on earth, i am now spreading my uploads all over the place. so ya. the place i uploaded the songs are bracketed for reference =)

j rock mp3
good-bye | hide | 4.5 (rs)

j pop mp3
気がつけば あなた | aya | 6.1 {ysi)
好きすぎて バカみたい | def. diva | 6.7 (rs)
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[15 Jan 2006|02:41pm]

jrock mp3
blue sky complex | hide | 5.0
trick | larcenciel | 4.3

jpop mp3
(miss) understood | ayumi | 5.5
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i - am - back <3 [10 Jan 2006|11:23am]

sorry meev, pop is not dead.

jpop mp3
cherish | news | 6.0

cpop mp3
幼稚園 | twins | 3.6
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[21 Dec 2005|05:04pm]

exams are over for me .. just yesterday
and i am going on a trip and wont be back until next year (wow. that sound so long and far, while, really, come to the think of it, its only two weeks)
so ... sayonana minna!
happy new year!
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fresh hot ..! [17 Dec 2005|11:20pm]

cpop mp3
良心發現 FEAT GILLIAN | kenny | 3.6
i can foresee this song as being the hottest k song over the xmas-new year's holiday. but i do believe this song would have been 100x better if sang by charlene vs kenny. but then charlene already went with nicholas to sing 愛. so to be fair, gillian got this song with kenny, i guess. (ah. my knowledge of the HK music industry). anyways. i like this song a lot never the less.
愛 FEAT CHARLENE | nicholas | 5.4

nobuta ost
todays the last day of nobuta wo produce. *sobs* i honestly want it to go on forever. i cannot believe its ending. i am addicted to it.

green willow pf1 | yoshiki ilk | 2.8
another version of my fav song in nobuta wo produce. i hope they'd play it a lot of times today in the last episode~! this is the piano version, i am in love with it.
shiken benkyou 1 | yoshiki ilk | 3.9
this song is played whenever something bad is happening (aka, when aoi is ruining things or when shuuji gets in trouble). omg. this song gives me the creeps!! drives me crazy now that i am listening to it.
seishun bonba pf2 | yoshiki ilk | 1.9
a happy song. piano version too. oh lord, this is the 3rd version of this song i am putting up, do i really need to give it another description??? (but they're not identical. and i certainly do prefer the pf1 MUCH MUCH more)
tengu song 1 | yoshiki ilk | 2.3
such a happy song. feels like i am in some africa tribe too. some strings with some bangings. this is the only song which i dont recall hearing it in the show. but maybe its really just me.
gakkou no okujou de... pf1 | yoshiki ilk | 2.2
okay. this song is a must download if you are a true fan of nobuta. this song totally puts me in the sad mood of nobuta, which is exactly how i am feeling right now, while waiting for the last episode of nobuta wo produce. it feels like a calm, peaceful death is coming my way or something (okay. i am really pushing too far. =O='' gomen)

i will for sure upload the rest of this amazing OST in the next couple of days while i am mourning the end of nobuta wo produce and shuuji to akira. perhaps i will even zip this ost and put it on rapidshare too. *sigh*
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[16 Dec 2005|11:13am]

my exams are cancelled today due to snow! *hurray*
but then it means i have to return to school during the holidays to do the exam *sucks*
so ya. so i sorta get a long weekend!!! so let me upload a bunch of stuffs to thank everyone~~
continuing the nobuta OST. with little comments so its easily to identify the songs.

nobuta OST
seishun bonba pf1 | yoshiki ilk | 2.2
this is another really soft song. calms me down.
gakkou no okujou de... | yoshiki ilk | 5.1
i love this song. feels a bit like final fantasy in the beginning. the beginning is real soft, yet "hopeful". then the song slowly gets louder and more tuneful and more instruments gets involved.
seishun bonba hensoukyoku | yoshiki ilk | 3.8
another awakening, refreshing song. its the song that plays when shuuji wakes up every morning ... i think. feels like it at least. but the second half of the song seems a bit more like an marching band to me. but then i still like this song a lot.
intelligent song | yoshiki ilk | 3.1
the song name is funny, huh? well. as its called, this song makes me feel cunning and my brain is working weirdly, or something. i believe its the song thats played when shuuji and akira are carrying out their plans for nobuta.

jrock mp3
champagne gold supermarket | j | 5.8
shuuchi no ori | kagerou | 4.5
hitomi no juunin | larc en ciel | 5.3

jpop mp3
mou kimi igai aisenai | kinki kids | 6.8 this is the song which had drawn me into the entire japanese culture. its the best song of all times. the domoto brothers truly know how to sing.
fundamental loop | flame | 5.6 the lyrics are so meaningful, the music is just, so good. soothing yet has the beat to it. this song has a very strong FLAME feel to it. it feels .. good~ i cannot imagine another group singing it, yet still be this good. this song is like, made for FLAME.
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[13 Dec 2005|10:10pm]

nobuta OST
i love nobuta wo produce. and i just got their ost. i think the songs in there are absolutely amazing, so i am sharing a bit of them

seishun banba | yoshihiro ilk | 5.0
this is the beginning music for nobuta. hearing it just puts me in the mood for the show~~
green willow | yoshihiro ilk | 4.8
i love this song. i think parts of it resemble a song i used to sing in school choir. this version contains mostly piano. real cute. when this song plays in the show, i get real moody/happy. i would sing the choir song in my heart while its playing. now that i have the OST, i dont need to do that anymore. hahahaha.
seishun guitar | yoshihiro ilk | 3.3
this song is real funk. makes me feel energized and wanne run around.

(these are the first three tracks of the entire OST. i will upload the rest bit by bit. gomen. i have exams. really havent done much lately. feel so bad) (but i am now feeling bad for i am not studying. damn.)
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[10 Dec 2005|05:14pm]

tw pop mp3
遇見 | yanzi | 3.2

cpop mp3
大哥 | janice | 5.4
熱血青年 | miriam | 3.8 (a bit techno too.)

jrock mp3
beloved | glay | 5.4

tell me i am not the only one cramming lately ...
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