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So i have recently discovered that i am addicted to LJ! It is a fact that i have tried to hide, not well mind you. So i have created this, a place for all the other LJ addicts in the world to come together. Think of it as one big chatroom. Post pics (behiend a cut tag please), rants, loves, hates, passions, obsessions, addictions, music and movie reviews, reccomendations of music, movies and fan fiction, daily encounters, stories, poems, song lyrics, fanart, icons, links, wallpapers. Whatever your heart desires!
Since this is kinda following an AA type feel in your first post please state your name (or what you want us to call you) and why you think you are an LJ Addict! These reasons will be placed on the info later in a Top 100 Reasons You Know You Are An LJ Addict. If anyone wants to make a banner or icon for this community please feel free to!
I hope to talk to all of you! Any new friends feel free to visit me at my personal LJ lilacdream7. As always spreading the word is much appreciated!
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