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&hearts-1. name: AMBER
&hearts-2. location:fLORIDA
&hearts-3. age: 19
&hearts-4. what is your addiction: SEX
&hearts-5. tell us all about how and when and why you are addicted: ITS GOOD I GUESS
&hearts-6. who is your role model and why..I DONT KNOW
&hearts-7. your veiw on abortion: NEVER IT IS DEATH
&hearts-8. you must promote to at least 2 people or communities, prove it and show us the links
&hearts-9. at least 1 GOOD picture of yourself: HOW DO YOU PUT PICTURES ON YOUR PROFILE AND PAGES?
&hearts-10. comments on how to make this community better
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Marry Christmas and Happy News Years Everyone

Enjoy the end of this year 2004 and the begin of the Next year 2005

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!!!!


From your MODS of Addicted

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    Jiggle Bells, and Xmas songs
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hey everyone sorry i have not been around i have been kick off the computer for two week dam that was the hardest thing i had to do i felt like i was cut off from my life and friends but now i am aloud back on thank god!!!!!