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Accessory Addicts
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Accessory Addicts!

This community is simple, it goes something like this.

You love to accessorize > you join the community > you post text about accessories > you post pictures about accessories > you enjoy yourself > you invite others to join.

There will be weekly contests for the best accessories/best accessorized/creativity, etc. You get the picture.

... And if you're going to be mean, feel free, but don't be retarded about it. Have a little class. Try to keep it fun, and on-topic.

The only requirements are as follows:

1. do not violate the TOS. To add to that, your body parts are not accessories. I promise.
2. place multiple pictures behind an lj-cut. if you don't know how, ask someone.
3. don't promote your community here.
4. no protected entries.

If you fail to abide by the simple rules we have set, you'll be banned. Fair warning.


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