July 8th, 2003

something wild

First entry

Hey kiddies, we're still in development. Come back soon.

Mercedes: I'm probably getting offline soon, and I don't feel like dolling this thing up anymore, you can finish up. Call my internet-addicted behind and lemme know if you finish the background and get it up! xo.
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O my O my! I think I'm going to pee my pants. _accessories is done. I believe at least. The lovely Jessyka and Myself decided to have a community about accessories because they are pimp as shit. Thank's Jessyka for the lovely profile image, as well as the feet icon. And Thank's Mercedes (that would be me) for the adorkable layout image. Jessyka and I dicked with it for a while, but the image finally looks decent. So go one. Join and be merry.
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Hey, this is pretty.... all spiffy like. To bad im a guy and don't really have a purpose for a purse.... but someone told me hello kitty was an accessory so w00t! Splended job Mercedes and Jessyka. Nice to meet you Jessyka.
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