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_academy's Journal

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I guess you were just my type.
You know that summer never stopped.
I still pretend I’m there.

eat titties and die!

5.5 hours of..., 69 words for drunk, all nice on ice-alright, america's next top model, animals having sex, antm night, bad acid/good kitty, baking, baking a lot, battling elitism, boys covered in dirt!, brian kinney not sumstine, cigar shop cafes, crepes, cute men, cuttin' lines, diet coke, dirty stories, doing the modified wave, ex-boyfriends, fields and vacant lots, fuck existentialism, gare bear, gay men, getting baked, getting over dumb men, grey bird, housework, ice skating bruises, jamie stewart, jesus jesus candlestick jesus, kelly loves roland mouret!, lightin' up our crack-pipes, lisps, lying to our boyfriends, m.l., making out, mary's birthday, moustache parties, polaroids, queer as folk, san francisco, sex and the city, sex talks, smokin' a bowl, stubble, sweat pants, top 40 car mixes, tracker time, triple polaroid cameras, we are not whores, we're here we're queer, we're straight we date, xiu xiu