i was hiding outside with brian buying e. rebecca was lost inside the whirlwind, and kelly was being offered a piece of candy.

fify thousand ice cream cones and a piece of candy to whoever can remember the rest.

oh hello, fancy seeing you here


fuck you if you can't take a joke! baby fish mouth! KELLY: PRETTY SONG MAKES YOU DO CRAZZYYYY THINGS! Have a Jesus-y Christchrist and a Christy New Jesus!!! 5.5 hours of blowfinch! hip hip pelvis dance! do the homo-erectus! honoring the pope! bolivian marching powder! ants in mary's closet! okay girls, azn tourist, knees crossed left, kissy faces! <----what was THAT from? apparently the "worst photographer EVER" said it.

Mallory Pike: [Re: The amount of money the baby-sitters would make] Wow... we could buy a car!
Jessi: Yeah, and in five years we could drive it!

WE LOVE TATOOS!! WE ARE NOT WHORES!! oh my god chicken nuggets! remember when i yelled FUCK YOOOU from the tracker at 1 am? anna sui blows donkeys for quarters. glove season! i am the yacht: YOU BROKE YOUR EDGE!!! btpr fest! punte pinte? NO POON TAY PEEN TAY! tent party USA!

"mary and the dumb bitch's exboyfriend in '05: IT'S GONNA HAPPEN!
poor pathetic pad girl was having a spasm today: DONT WORRY CLARICE, THE COUNSELING HELPS, WE SWEAR!"

in response to this, kelly wrote: "pad girl can now go see the real live shark at the counseling booth during lunch and maybe if she's lucky she'll get a piece of candy or tampon, which ever is of better use to her."

nathaniel snoxell and his "hair house". BECCA LOVES CAPTAIN.

"lieutenant mary! i'm so glad mary's extreme dental work in france is finally complete!"

does anybody remember what "m.l." in the interests stood for?