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A Rose Captive

rollin' on twenties, sippin' on forties

....effortless yet so eloquent....
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welcome to the livejournal community for A Rose Captive, formerly Another Day Alone. if you have Another Day Alone as one of your interests, you're probably reading this. so anyways, join. we're cool.

this ain't just for A Rose Captive though. you can talk bout anything ya want. no one cares. i don't even care about having several maintainers. i'll be damned if i don't need some help with this thing. if you wanna be a co-maintainer, or if you're just really bored, fill this thing out and post it along with your pic and chances are, i'll make you a co-maintainer:

favorite band::
favorite movie::
favorite book::
favorite line from a song::
guilty pleasure::
ya bored or do you really wanna be a co-maintainer?

*insert pic here*

alternative rock, classic rock, cock rock, geology, glam rock, rock, rock and load, rock climbing, rock collecting, rock n' roll, rockin', rockin' robin, rockin' sockin' robots, rockin' your socks off, rocking 'till we drop, rocking the fuck out, rocking your face off, rocks, stop rock and roll