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visual sensation

The fastest growing poetry community
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Anybody , Moderated
there are so many poetic communities, but none of them have a large amount of members. so this one is for everyone. professionals, newbies, goths, lovers, etc. you dont have to be a 'member' to reply to a post, and there is no voting, or stamp of approval for you to get in. just try to follow the rules to keep this going.


1)Promote this community somewhere. say where in your first post. using a banner would be appreciated, but not necessary. and making your own banner would be awesome. just submit it here before sending it off to strangers. try to promote _a_poem_ to people that would be interested in joining, and other communities.

2)NO TRASHING EACH OTHER! constructive critism is trying to help people, in a nice way. if you're just going to be an ass, you'll get banned.

3)if posting pictures with your poetry use lj-cuts. yes, this means you can post artwork too.

4)no posts only dedicated to the promotion of other communities.

this page is under constuction, and serves it'd basic purpose right now. if you have any suggestions or comments just post it. it will be fancified.