tangilass (tangilass) wrote in _a_new_hope,

 I been trying really hard.. trying to make my wolf nto run away everytime Buffy Says 'we need to talk'.. but so far it ain't happened.. she shifts and slinks away from her and growls..

Way back on Christmas she said that if I can't talk then theres no Willow.. so I been staying away, respecting her whishes and trying to make my wolf not run away.. but she's scared of her, i dunno why.. I bet its got something to do from way back with O'Malley or Walsh or whoever.. I dunno tho.. they got each other and they got xander and Spikey and Lorne to.. so they are all good.. there having babies to.. thats a nice thing.. 

Angelina and Manda and Anya and Star and Tasha and Anya are helping me.. were all deorating the house.. the main house, casue they gotta have a baby shower.. I thought I could give them one, that would be nice.. and they are helping me do it.. and Anya is baking and making food, she's way good at that so everyone tells me all the time.. I dunno, cause I only eat Pizza and rabbit, thats it for me....

I put the bags on the sofa and open them..

"I got a whole buncha stuff, I wasn't sure what a theme was or nything like that so I  jsut got a whole buncha baby things in ink and blue sine theres one of each coming"

I make sure the boys are ok in the playpen and check on Gabby and come back
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