Wolf and Slayer

being a wolf and a slayer is driving me crazy!, I cant keep up with them!.. the emotions that is, and I cant be around Angelina.. that would be a disaster. my wolfs emotions would be bad and Id say something wrong without meaning to and she would get upset and I would feel horrible and then Rupert would be angry with me and I am so never ever ever beign spanked ever again ever.. its been way over a year since that's happened.. and it wont happen again.. but I cant be with Angelina until I figure out how to get the wolf and the slayer better.. and its just horrible because Angelina barely looks at me now and I cant cuddle with her anymore and I so miss her!.. I miss Rupert, I don't even go near him either, and the three of us togeather.. its been forever, I don't wanna be men or mouthy or stupid.. stupid! emotions!.I jut wanna cuddle and be held  and just talk.. its bee forever, I am sick f this room..totlly tired of , I do come out other than to train or patrol, and I eat oui the house, I don't wanna be stupid with anyone I wanna always be niice... :(
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Ok, I know, everyone's been so busy they have ignored you, the loyal, has no life so you hang out here, live journal reader. But I promise, we will be back. It isn't our fault the forces of evil have been running rampant. Blame Oprah...she's the one getting her own network! However, as always, we DO have things under control, so please be a bit more patient.Go watch a start trek dvd or play with your wookie. It will not be much longer.
Go to your local WalMart store and make lots of purchases! But do not be gone too long...we wont be!

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 I been trying really hard.. trying to make my wolf nto run away everytime Buffy Says 'we need to talk'.. but so far it ain't happened.. she shifts and slinks away from her and growls..

Way back on Christmas she said that if I can't talk then theres no Willow.. so I been staying away, respecting her whishes and trying to make my wolf not run away.. but she's scared of her, i dunno why.. I bet its got something to do from way back with O'Malley or Walsh or whoever.. I dunno tho.. they got each other and they got xander and Spikey and Lorne to.. so they are all good.. there having babies to.. thats a nice thing.. 

Angelina and Manda and Anya and Star and Tasha and Anya are helping me.. were all deorating the house.. the main house, casue they gotta have a baby shower.. I thought I could give them one, that would be nice.. and they are helping me do it.. and Anya is baking and making food, she's way good at that so everyone tells me all the time.. I dunno, cause I only eat Pizza and rabbit, thats it for me....

I put the bags on the sofa and open them..

"I got a whole buncha stuff, I wasn't sure what a theme was or nything like that so I  jsut got a whole buncha baby things in ink and blue sine theres one of each coming"

I make sure the boys are ok in the playpen and check on Gabby and come back
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Its Christmas, today.. I lvoe Christmas!.. tho.. I'm kinda aobut doing it by myself, so this is a first to do it with everyone else.. but it looks liek it could be fun, the little kids ahve been up since like 4 this morning.. and alot of people seem tired still but happy.. everyone got such nice things from each other and santa..

Anya made christmas dinner, ti was really nice, turkey and ham and lots of potato's and lots of veggies, my favorite.. and I think Mr. Giles dressed up as santa Clause.. unless it was soemone else.. but I'm pretty sure it was Mr. Giles.. the kids loved him, theres not alto of kids around here, but they loved Santa..

Willow made some sort of Yam thing.. people sorta stayed away from it, I thought it was ok, but again I liek veggies, not alot of people like veggies around here.. Tangi left before dinner.. and before Santa came, but Spike and Lorne and Xander where there with the kids.. and Xander was there with his and Anya's kids.. dunno what happened there, or why, but I think its sad that they broke up, even if they seemt o be alright with it..

Julianna and jake were quiet, but happy, I don't think they've ever had a Christmas before, but agai it was sjut last year they got out of where ever they were with the slave traders.. Angelina helped with the dinner, Treeny stayed upstairs in her room where she has stayed for the last couple weeks.. I dunno, Ithink her and Angelina had a fight and she got in trouble or something.. I took her some christmas dinner..

Astrid made some pies for dinner to, they were very nice looking, I didn't have any, but they smelled good, maybe later, I was so stuffed from dinner.. Star and Mr.Munsch and Lindsey dressed up as Elves, they were cute.. Annemarie and that other woman who works with her did not come tot he hsoue, they live at the vet clinic, I took them christmas dinner, they didnt want it, I brung it back.. the new watcher si very handsome and he looked like he had lots of Fun, I can't remember his name.. but he sounds like Mr.Giles.. 

Amanda seemed to ahve a nice time, even if she was a bit over nervous, she didnt' talk alot, but I dont' think she could get anything out even if she tried, but she had fun thats for sure!.. Rona and Grace spent the day in the den, with the door locked, yes, you can guess what they were doing..

Madison chased around the Twevils.. yep, the other kids here, call Maddy and Angels twins, the twevils.. I'm not sure why.. there very cute.. if not a little over exciteded allt he time, but ther elittle vampires, of course there gonna get excited.. there not evil.. least I don't think so..

I got a gift card and a book, I loke books.. this one looks interesting, I'm gonna read it and learn Origami, It even came with origami paper.. 

I sit on the chair reading my book and smiling

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Ok, so Anya and have agreed to, not be married.

Hey, it's ok. We love each other but, well, we've kinda moved apart in the, relaationship, in love, thing. I know, the kids. It's ok, we're both here, seperate rooms, but here and I so plan on being mr good dad.

Man, I hate to say this, but kinda relieved. Now I don't feel so bad having those feelings for Tangi. Anya knew...she wasn't mad. Hey, she wants to shag Faith, so hey, now she can.

Bet Tangi wants no part of me, tho'. Why would she?

She has Lorne and deadboy jr.