People and being to nice

I wasen't the one who breathe life into the group haha! I'm just so ugly people wanted to point and stare XD

OK OK I'll stop!!

haha sorry just thought I'd get the whoreing over then I won't have to over load other peoples posts.

So yeah I'll see you at ANIME NORTH!

(lucky hearts); CUTENESS OVERLOAD

Holy geez!

I'm rather shocked this place is still around, truth be told! (I know that Japanese girl has been posting icons and I figured that was pretty much the end of things, but lo and behold, it valiantly struggles onward!)

My name is Troy, and I used to post here under a different name.

I assume everyone in this comm will be attending Anime North this year? Personally, I'm a little angry about several things, like higher admission fees and lamer guests. But hee~eeey, it's the most fun I'll have all year so it's still worth it.

I'll be cosplaying Twilight Town Roxas, and I'm curious if anyone would be able to help me make a Keyblade before the big weekend! Otherwise, hi everyone, nice to meet you. :3

What t0 do

I have been looking for some sort of a hang out and or club to do things with and or around but most things seem to be text/online clubs with many lackers in the department of doing social gatherings.

I'm interested in

Video Game Compititions
Cosplay hang outs
Bowling (other various sports)
swimming and or other outdoor activities
Renting hotels or cottages to have a big bash in (prefer legal drinkers but willing to attend all ages)
Sushi lunches
ect ect.

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Toronto Anime-related Tid Bits

Just a quick little run through of things having to do with anime/manga in Toronto that I can think of off the top of my head. (Feel free to add ones I've missed!):

AnimeXtreme's expansion
In case you haven't been down to AnimeXtreme (on Spadina north of Dundas) since sometime last year, they've doubled in size! Yup, they've taken over the unit beside them so more space = more anime goods!

Little Tokyo on Augusta closing down
Little Tokyo on Augusta (in Kensington Market) is closing down on May 24.
They're having a sale right now, with currently, everything at (at least) 20% off, including used manga in Japanese. Talking to the owner, the price might drop as time gets nearer (but I suggest not waiting for that because some of the good stuff will be gone). He plans to re-group and hopefully re-open in a few years in another location.
More info on the store:

Anime North 2008 (May 23-25)
As if you didn't know ;)
Be sure to check the site for pre-convention activities!

Manpuku Restaurant opens
Okay, so this isn't really anime or manga, but it's a little Japanese restaurant that's opened in the Village by the Grange by the OCAD building (around Queen W and University). The portions aren't huge, but the prices are fair for the size, and, in my opinion, great for the quality. It's not a sushi kinda place, but more of a beef bowl, noodle soup, takoyaki, onigiri etc... kinda place.
take out menu:


Hi i'm new to this and all...thought I'd give an introduction!


Name: Kenneth
Age: 21
Location: GTA
Cosplay: Trevor Belmont, Kadaj and Bradon Heat
Favorite Anime: Gungrave
Favorite Game: Castlevania
Video Games: (ALOT) but for the new systems I own PS3 and Wii/DS
Speak Japanese?: Semi Basic (I'm an expert faker at it ^_^)
Hobbies: Music (I play 7 instruments), Drawing,  Video Games, Flirting
Favorite thing to do: Play Guitar
Career: I have a band Cimmarian and gonna goto school for video game programer/art and Music Desighn

I can't really think of anything else just ask me if you wish heres my MSN PS3 and Wii
MSN: The_RedBlack_Raven(at)
PS3: OneWingedRaven
Wii: 6659 2261 4433 7716
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