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All Music Unifying Sacred Energies

For magical music and musical magic

All Music Unifying Sacred Energy
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"Is everybody in? The Ceremony is about to begin." -- Jim Morrison

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams." -- Arthur O'Shaughnessy

We are a community of poets, bards, and shamans; of melody makers and singers of songs. We are tunesmiths and weavers of harmony; disc witches, mix mages and spin shamans; we are wizards on the keyboard, sorcerers of strings and shaman drummers. We are Devotees of the magic of music and Practitioners of musical magical arts.

We know that harmony is alchemy made audible.

We take the phrases, "The Music of the Gods," and, "The Music of the spheres," literally.

We understand why the Hebrew Mystics say that Creation began, not with a word in imagination or idea in vision or speech, but in SONG.

Our rules are simple. Anything is possible and nothing is forbidden. We want to share and to brainstorm. You can posit questions and/or postulate answers. You don't have to be a "professional," or even a musician, to join us. If you hear magic, power and/or the Voice(s) of (your) Divinity/ies, share with us!

If you post lyrics, your copyright is sacrosanct. If they are not yours, they must be attributed (if you don't know, tell us -- we're respectful, not fascistic!).

We're not a fan community, but appreciate hearing how particular artists, performers, composers, etc. inspire you.

CAVEAT LECTOR: We know that *all* music is *sacred* music. Not just the sanctioned or recognized Sacred Music of *all* faiths and traditions (& we do mean *all*), but music that may seem (to you) to have nothing to do with the Divine as well. We are undaunted if the artist is an Atheist zirself, or if an artist calls zir song "Unholy" -- it is sacred (or potentially sacred) music nonetheless. Why? Because it is music. No style or genre is off limits or out of the question. We don't care if you love disco, or death metal, or polka, or percussion played on found objects.

If it makes magic for you, we want to hear about it!
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