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The Divine Soma Experiment

In my Googled, serendipitous travels in search of whatever I might find regarding "the music of the spheres," I chanced upon a little page ( ) which, of itself, would be but a footnote of my travels. I took a chance, however, and (much like Alice and her rabbit hole) followed a little white link that said "Home" to this page:

The Divine Soma Experiment is/are a band. They make music with the express, stated purpose in mind of altering consciousness. I'm not shilling for these guys. In fact, I have yet to hear a single thing of theirs. But their site is gorgeous, and fun, and they talk about wonderous things like said music of the spheres (which they take quite seriously), and synaesthesia. I very, very, very rarely have had experiences of synaesthesia; that is to say, I could see the colors of the music I was hearing. Yes, of course; altered states of consciousness were involved... but not all of those occasions involved controlled substances of any sort in order to acheive an altered state of consciousness.

Which brings me to my one caveat about the website: if you object in any way, shape or form to psychedelia, to altered states of consciousness, or -- most pointedly and particularly -- to the use of hallucinogens, you will not enjoy this site at all.

I'm impressed that they don't just rummage through the usual psychedelic attic of Timothy Leary and Carlos Casteneda. They actually seem interested in ancient cultures, and give them a bit more than lip service at that.

I'm looking forward to listenening to at least a clip of the music (I don't exactly have the most au courant 'puter equipment). If any of you do, or even if you just peruse the site, I'd be very interested to know what you think.

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