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i'm in a band/musical project with a friend from MA (i'm in FL), and i'm hoping for it to be a very specific sound. it's going to be very brutal-guitar-driven, but it won't be metal. it'll have some jazz and blues influences, but it won't be either. it'll have melodic singing, and also shrieking vocals. but it won't make anyone want to mosh or anything. it'll be beautiful, it'll be chaotic, it'll re-piece itself back together, because music can do that. not only to itself, but to human beings.

music, to me, is its own being. it's not one to be tampered with, or taken less than seriously. yet, everyone who plays music should have fun with it. it should not be a burden, but it should be played with passion. it's all i've got, and it'll never leave my side when i need it most. it is my best friend, and we are bonded together for all of eternity. there is one problem, however.

i'm not good at writing music.

i would appreciate any sort of help or inspiration or any input at all. to discuss this indepth, you can IM me @ billyxransom OR my other s/n RebuildingRomex.

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