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[Oct. 25th, 2006|12:07 am]
Anime and Manga Discussionboard


Hey everyone!

My name is Stephanie and I recently joined your community :) I'm on the hunt for information about gothic lolita fashion and as it's one of the groups' interests, i was hoping you could all help me! Pretty please, with a cherry on top ;) I've always been a huge fan of gothic lolita fashion and japanese street fashion - interesting colours, amazing designs, beautiful! We have a few shops in Australia but unfortunately not enough *sigh*

Anyway, I have decided to do an assignment on gothic lolita fashion and western (american/australian) gothic fashion. I was hoping people could answer a few questions for me? Even the people who don't dress in gothic lolita but know a little bit about it. The questions are below, so if you could answer the questions you had time for, feel comfortable in answering, i would be really grateful! Also, if anyone knew of any other gothic lolita livejournal communities or fashion websites, could you please tell me these? Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate it! :D

1. What is fashion?

2. Describe gothic lolita fashion. Clothes? Colours? Jewellery?

3. Do you wear gothic lolita fashion? Why/why not?

4. What sort of Japanese people (example, teenage girls? boys?) dress in gothic lolita fashion? Why do you think this is (example, their favourite pop stars dress in it?)

5. What is your favourite gothic lolita outfit (at the moment). Why is it your favourite?

6. What is a goth?

7. Are there gothic people in Japan? If yes, do you know what their common age/sex/occupation is?

8. Do you have to be gothic to dress in gothic lolita fashion?

Thanks so much everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!
If you dont want to reply here, my email/msn is theweapontheyfear87@hotmail.com.
^_^ Thank you, thankyou! ^_^

[User Picture]From: duckmole86
2006-11-29 07:50 am (UTC)
Now, I'm sure you've completed your project already (and I'm not a member of this community myself, though I do intend to join), but I'm going to answer your questions for you and point you in a few more directions. :D

1. What people wear. Or, rather, what people choose to wear based on what those around them wear and what magazines/etc. purport to be popular/in/etc, although there are more fashions that those that are "in," of course.

2. I'm hardly the greatest resource for it, but for elegant gothic lolita fashion, I believe popular colors are black and white. Clothes tend to be frilly, in the style of Victorian English little girls' clothing. I don't really know on jewelry--I'm still trying to figure that one out. A few links for you here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elegant_Gothic_Lolita, http://www.uta.edu/english/tidwell/JapaneseFashion/JapaneseFashion--GothicLolita.htm, http://www.avantgauche.co.uk/, http://www.morbidoutlook.com/fashion/articles/2002_07_gothiclolita.html, http://www.avantgauche.co.uk/, http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/english/, http://community.livejournal.com/egl/, http://lolita-handbook.livejournal.com/

3. No. I'd like to, but I've neither the time to make my clothes nor the money to buy good EGL style clothing. It can be a very expensive habit.

4. Ummm...I don't know who all. Generally girls, I'd guess, but I'm American. And like anyone else, a combination of it appeals to them and it's what their friends wear and it's what favorite artists/stars/etc. wear.

5. I dunno. Something by Mary Magdalene, maybe, though I'd never fit their sizes--I'm just not proportioned right. xD

6. Not at all related to an Elegant Gothic Lolita, other than the fact that black is a favorite color for both and they share part of the name. For further description, see wikipedia. I also call goths "annoying"--they generally are, around here.

7. I believe there are some who follow the western goth styles more, but I don't have a clue as to the rest.

8. As I said, western gothic (goth) and EGL have nothing to do with each other other than the name. Unless you buy everything from Hot Topic, anyhow. (Not that I have anything against Hot Topic, but their EGL definitely crosses over with western goth).
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