icons by Whitney.

icons by me.
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This journal is starrylove's icon journal.

Here you will find - well - icons. Maybe some tutorials, maybe some brushes (if I ever get around to it) and maybe some other graphics.

This isn't really a "community", because I'm the only person allowed to become a member. You can watch it, though, which I would love you forever for, and worship the ground you walk on.

Go HERE to "watch" this journal.

All graphics were created using PSP8 and PS7. I much prefer PS, but my older icons come from PSP8.

Art for the layout comes from shoebox_project


Resources can be found HERE

001. Comment if you are taking. I don't care if you tell me which ones (that would be nice, though), just as long as you comment and let me know
002. Credit is a must. If I come across one of my icons somewhere that isn't credited to either starrylove or _83icons then you will have made me mad. This goes for all icon makers when I say this - but we put a lot of hard (for some) work into these icons-we at least deserve some credit.
003. DO NOT HOTLINK. If you don't know what it is go HERE. Don't do it- it isn't cool. Unless you ask me about a certain icon you are having issues with saving, I won't allow it. Get a photobucket account and upload all the images from your OWN computer right click>save as. It's that easy.
004. Do not alter any icons you see. If it is a base, I will state that it is a base, and then, and only then are you allowed to customize it.
005. Do not steal anything, please.

Here you will find icons featuring (but not limited to):
Lord of the Rings // Harry Potter // John Mayer // Jake Gyllenhaal // Donnie Darko // Dominic Monaghan // Lost // Elijah Wood // Evangeline Lilly // Maggie Gyllenhaal // Josh Hartnett // Daniel Radcliffe // Rupert Grint // Orlando Bloom // Maroon 5 // NSYNC // Jamie Cullum // ect

You will not find :
The O.C // Britney Spears // Paris Hilton // Laguna Beach // Ashlee and Jessica Simpson // Rap and Hip Hop artists

dorks_anon // caffeineproduct // icon_me // usedandbroken_ // dizzy_dreamer // by_jazzling

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