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f*s (five stars) is a new, ultra exclusive rating community with a unique rating system.

Say Goodbye to Yes or No
After applying, you will be accepted or rejected based on our unique rating system. Members decide how many stars, between 0 (being the worst) and 5 (being the best), they think the person deserves. After two days have past, one of the mods will average the stars voters gave you. If the average is above 3.5 stars, your accepted. If not, then goodbye.





the current theme is...

You at your most comfortable. What do you do to just kick back and relax?
This theme ends: February 4th


For applying:
1. You must post your application within 2 days of joining the community.
2. You must post your application under a cut with the subject of the post being "I think I missed the train to Mars…" and the lj-cut link being "I'm out back counting stars."
3. If you are rejected, you may reapply again after 7 days. If still rejected, wait 14. Still not in? You're officially out.
4. Please do not apply if you're not planning on being active.
5. If rejected, remove yourself from the community ASAP or we will do it for you.
6. Do not comment if you are not a member or have been rejected on any posts. You will be banned.
7. Please do not post your application or any posts afterwards friends only.

For voting:
1. Members have two days to vote, starting when the application is posted.
2. You must have your own comment, please do not reply to someone else's with your vote.
3. The subject of the comment needs to be the number of stars you are giving the person - between 0 and 5, and feel free to use decimals.
4. Please give a reason for your vote. Constructive criticism is always helpful, and just plain criticism is always fun.
5. Please don't be too giving, or too harsh for that matter. We would like to be exclusive!

After acceptance:
1. You must stay active. And please let us know if you're going to be gone for a while.
2. Please use a subject of "Stamped/" and then Theme, Promo, etc.
3. All promos underneath a cut.
4. For every promo you post, you must promote to at least one other person/community for us (and please post the link with the promo).

-Read the Rules before Applying-

The Basic Stuff:
Current location:
Single or Taken:

The Superficial Stuff:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Best feature:
Worst feature:
How many stars do you think you deserve and why? Be honest, but not too modest!:

The Entertainment Stuff:
5 Favorite Bands/Artists:
5 Least Favorite Bands/Artists:
4 Favorite Movies:
4 Least Favorite Movies:
3 Favorite Celebrities:
3 Least Favorite Celebrities:
2 Favorite TV Shows:
2 Least Favorite TV Shows:
1 Favorite Hobby/Interest:

The Other Stuff:
Can you make us laugh? Give it your best shot.
Can you get us another member? Promote to at least 2 users/communities:
Can you make us blush? The mods do love compliments!
Tell us one random thing about you.
Tell us one random thing about your best friend.
By the way, how'd you find us?

The Picture Stuff:
Post one picture of your favorite sweatshirt please, and one of any pets you may have.

Post one 100x100 picture of your self for the accepted page

Post at least four, and no more than 8, good, clear pictures of yourself - not too big but not too small please, and no photo shopped ones!


The Members List

Current Applications:
9 more auto-accepts!


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