My intro.

Hi. Im known by a few names, but Sonariss works. I suffer from dial up. Soon I shall feel release, but not till I move off to college, as my father is too paranoid to allow anything else in the house. I would even pay for a DSL line myself, but his paranoia destroys all hope of anything faster. I hate my modem. I really really do. When I get something faster, I am going to destroy every dial up modem I own. Woe be the day that I would have to go get another one after such an event.

Things I have done on dial up:
Downloaded a 700mb file on BitTorrent, which has auto download resume. It took me about a month of overnight donwloading.

Played Mechwarrior 3, a mech sim game, on dial up. I have found it to be quite possibly the only first person styled game in existence that is still easily playable on 56k. Oh. I forgot to mention, it's not 56k for me. It's more like 36k. My provider for 10$ a month sucks.

May dial up be forever branded as a curse upon us all, and hope to whatever god or entity, if any, if not just hope, that we of the accursed be someday freed.
a. weiss

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well, i actually do not have 56K, but rather something very close, now being reffered to as gayble. i have a cable modem, but it doesn't like to act like one at all. it wants very much to be a 56K modem.
today i was trying to get online, and it took about ten minutes
this community actually had to be made on this computer because someone's 56K connection wasn't having it. so although i don't have 56K, i am still 56Kore.
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I totally know how it is. I live in the sticks. My cable has under 40 channels and the radio stations are mostly static.

And my internet is slow. But it's ok. While one page is loading pictures, I wait for it by reading another page. I find this efficient because I don't know any better.

happy to belong.
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Damon / charmless man

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Hi. My name is Julie and I have 56k. I've had it since 1999, actually. If my parents weren't so lazy we'd have something better. :( I love how downloading a song takes a good half an hour. I really, really do.

I downloaded a music video once. It took 7 hours.
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I'd like to rant with you.

Chris (Yapes) posted this community on his LJ. I looked it over, found it intriguing. I've now obviously joined and hope to help get it up and running.

I'm Liz. I have a 56K modem. I hope it burns in hell.
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gareth keenan

like a dog...

this community is dead, and it was never alive.

yapes, we need some serious people to join ASAP.
but when you think of it, dosnt it make sense that no one is joined, probably millions of users tried but there 56k got in the midst of things, and they couldnt do it. darn you 56k, darn you.
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Good things about 56k...
are there any?

Go on, share some good things...

one good thing: i can start to load a website, go make a sandwhich, and by the time i get back not only do i have a sandwhich, but one loaded website!

go on, share some stories,
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