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4 Itchy Tasty

This is a Resident Evil yaoi fan fiction community devoted to the task of putting the unappreciated pairings of the series in the limelight. Members are encouraged to write fics about any non-canon pairings they can. For reasons why you should help this cause please read the following appeal.

Every day hundreds of potential pairings are overlooked for the more obvious canon pairings of this series. Wesker x Birkin, Krauser x Leon, Wesker x Chris and, to a lesser extent, David x Kevin for example. While these pairings are going strong other characters are being left neglected...

Take the case of the late Brad "chickenheart" Vickers. At the age of 35 having already joined the undead masses, Brad wanders ficless and alone with only his ugly mustard vest to keep him company. Even before his untimely departure from the world of the living his track record with guys and girls was abysmal. He has been forced into a world of celibacy he does not deserve.

Or what about young Steve Burnside, also deceased? His resemblance to a certain Hollywood actor and definite uke potential beg the question 'why is he not paired up more often?' The hottest action he had was when he was about to die and that was with a girl...

Or Mike? ...You remember Mike right? The helicopter guy from RE4? You see his hand and maybe his face for a little bit before he gets blown up? ...Anyone?

How You can help

We at 4 Itchy Tasty encourage all RE fic writers to do their part for this most worthy of causes and take the time to write ficcage for a non-canon pairing today. With the vast number of male characters the series provides it's hard to help all the potential pairings in need of attention, but one day at a time together we can make a difference.

When you 'sponsor' a pairing you will receive a special 4 Itchy Tasty pairing banner. The more pairings, the more banners! If you manage to complete a challenge (see below) your name will be added to the list of successful sponsors.

Please, sponsor a non-canon pairing today.

Current Challenges

  • Alfred Ashford (RE:CV) x Richard Aiken (RE1)

  • Young James Marcus (RE0) x Billy Coen (RE0)

  • David (RE:OB) x Albert Wesker (numerous RE)

  • Marvin Branagh (RE2) x Joseph Frost (RE1)

  • Leon S Kennedy (RE2/4) x Forest Speyer (RE0/1)

  • Jack Krauser (RE4) x Mike (RE4)

  • Attention: All challenge pairings are created using a random generator.