Resident Evil Role Players

Hello. I am in search of people to RP Resident Evil Yaoi RP. I RP mostly uke characters and I am in search of seme RPing people.
It is very difficult to find Yaoi RP for Resident Evil considering the context of the game but I refuse to give up! I need someone to RP with that can RP seme Resident Evil characters in mature situations.
My RP SL ratings go from R to NC-17 so the person that contacts me must at least be 16 years of age and above.

I RP paragraph(novel) style, and I write at the least 2 lines, at the most several posts. (The longest was at least 8 posts long.) I do not expect my RP partner to write me a novel explaining a room or their characters clothes, but I expect a little bit of description.

The rules of RPing with me are simple:
1. Spelling - Forget it. Well don't but please don't go nuts over a spelling mistake, people make mistakes.
2. Post length - Screw it. Well don't but please do not go nuts over trying to send me a post that's as long as the dictionary of the english language. Don't use big flowery words, just use normal simple words. Make it longer than, and no less than 2 lines long.
3. Grammar - Not so important. It is slightly but not totally important. I am an english major in college but personally I don't care how bad your grammar is as long as I understand what you're trying to say. But please, do not try to send me a post that sounds like a lyric out of a Snoop-Dog rap song.
4. Be polite- If you are nice, I will be nice. That's all there is to it. I am generally a very nice person but I do not like having people burn down someone else's ideas. If you do not like the idea, please say it in a kind manner, don't just start yelling "It sucks!" and other such things, or if you can't say anything nice about it, then please keep it to yourself.

If you wish to RP with me please contact me through any messenger system. I have several, I have AIM, MSN and Yahoo. My Screen names for the three are:
1. Aol Instant Messenger (AIM): VTarnishedAngelV
2. Yahoo: PaperAlchemistTerri
3. TornPaperAlchemist@hotmail.com

My Email address is PaperAlchemistTerri@yahoo.com. Please drop me a line on a messenger service or send me an email if you wish to RP.

Thank you,
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