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_4am__'s Journal

jemma & kelly
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if you try to stop us, or vamp out in any way, i'll stake you without even thinking twice about it!

4 a.m., acting like stupid cunts, alcohol, black eyeliner, bloodhound gang, chain smoking, cherry coke, columbo, depeche mode, derek zoolander university, don't vamp out, ge-off rowley, gray matter, ian fraser "lemmy" kilmister, inside jokes, insomnia x10, jimmy pop ali, johnny r. cash, jones soda, making fun of people, matt & trey, mindless aim convos, more ovaltine please!, motörhead, not the united states, only one shoe, peter faulk, rabid badgers, saw, shut up and skate, simon john pegg's gingerness, tattooed and pierced, the beatles, the coreys, the goonies, the lost boys, the pixies, wesley louden borland, ziggy stardust, zombies