January 17th, 2006

noel- supreme

He doesn't look pleased to see me.

Aw, he can still look cute when he wants to.

I had a sort of nightmare about Evil Jared last night. One minute he was normal Evil Jared, then the next thing he was my friend Mark that I showed you the picture of, who looks like Evil Jared, and he wanted to go and blow things up. I was like "no I want to stay here and party with Jimmy" but then Evil Jared/Mark kidnapped me and Jimmy in the back of a bus and we had to escape, except our only weapon was Lucozade. In the end we blinded Evil Jared/Mark by spraying Lucozade into his face, but we couldn't get off the bus cos it was on a timer like the one in Speed. I dunno how it ended but I like to think it ended with me and Jimmy getting married and Evil Jared/Mark being imprisoned for stealing people.
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