January 2nd, 2006

noel- supreme

This is a public service announcement.

First of all, these girls have got the skinniest looking legs I have ever seen!

And second of all, I was looking for pictures of Geoff to see if maybe I can get back onto the being in love with Geoff bandwagon and all I kept getting (ironically enough) was pictures of Mr Margera himself.

Some choice quotes that I also ended up with randomly include:
  • "Bam Margera is a slime-fart."
  • "Bam Margera. •, Neil Gaiman. •, Garth Ennis. •, Jimi Hendrix ... I am an ugly fat fuck.""
  • "is bam margera gay"
  • Desnuda sex bam margera. Pictures wallpaper simon rex ass.
  • "Postal service Asian porn Bam margera"
  • "I love Bam Margera!!! I want... To the fat short cumslut who. fucking lives on the 12th ..."

    And my all time favourite: "Bam from the new billy joel music video!!!" to which someone commented with "...it's billy IDIL. ideot."

    Classic. Morons insulting each other!

    And last but not least:

    I knew those fat genes would catch back up with Bam eventually. I hope when he has kids of his own they trash on his ass like he does to Phil.