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like, whoa!

it's been way too long since i've seen an entry from four a.m. pop up on my friends page. so i'm putting an end to the drought. this is just too fucking funny. those bastards have had at least half a dozen coming soon pages up on that site. it angers me severely. the graphic is actually nice this time, though. i like the short hair; it's especially nice. although it's not as good as the long greasy hair ...and wow, there's an american kid on the squad. that's fucking amazing!

in other news, i'm quite enjoying all of the football coverage i've been privy to the past couple of weeks. you're hiding a lot of hot boys from me over there, aren't you? of course, the only downside is that i have to hear about beckham and his twat of a wife every 5 minutes (the the way, what the fuck is up with his nicknames?) ...and why was this absolutely incredibly fucking hilarious to me:

"the abuse that beckham was receiving from english supporters peaked during england's 3–2 defeat by portugal in euro 2000, when a group of england supporters taunted him throughout the match with chants including 'we hope your kid dies of cancer.'"

god, i need to move to england. you need to teach me the crouch dance lol

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something i've owed you for awhile ...

i'm not entirely sure if every single song title is correct (they got a little mixed up when i downloaded them originally), but this is everything i could find. lemme know if you're able to get them all alright =)

01. 4 am
02. burn no bridges
03. caffeine blues
04. chutes and ladders
05. fill a void
06. flash in time
07. give me a clue
08. i am the walrus
09. i've just seen a face
10. oscar's eye
11. phobias
12. retrospect
13. take it back
14. the spy

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i think that this is my favourite picture of bam ever. not only does he look like an extreme ugly twat, but this photo is always on the lists of people who reckon he is the sexiest, hottest, fittest person in the entire world.

i love that.
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He doesn't look pleased to see me.

Aw, he can still look cute when he wants to.

I had a sort of nightmare about Evil Jared last night. One minute he was normal Evil Jared, then the next thing he was my friend Mark that I showed you the picture of, who looks like Evil Jared, and he wanted to go and blow things up. I was like "no I want to stay here and party with Jimmy" but then Evil Jared/Mark kidnapped me and Jimmy in the back of a bus and we had to escape, except our only weapon was Lucozade. In the end we blinded Evil Jared/Mark by spraying Lucozade into his face, but we couldn't get off the bus cos it was on a timer like the one in Speed. I dunno how it ended but I like to think it ended with me and Jimmy getting married and Evil Jared/Mark being imprisoned for stealing people.
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thoughts on education?

one can educate oneself in many ways, though it is best to read the book from start to finish in order to have a valid opinion. in other words without education, be it private or public, a person may struggle to complete the task at hand. i'm for it, as long as religion is kept out. at least for my children ...if i had any, which i don't.

why is his hair prettier than mine? it's not right. no, not at all.

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peace out

This amused me too much to not share even though it does just look like I'm the only one in this community! :P
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

At the minute I'm waiting for my makeup that I ordered from that E.L.F place to show up through the mail and the mailman is being a complete fuck and started over at the other end of the road on the opposite side of the street, so I've gotta wait for him to do all down the other side and then all down my side before he gets to me. Bloody fool. If he's not got it I might bash his head in a bit.

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