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jemma & kelly's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
jemma & kelly

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aww yeah ... [Saturday,
September 08 at 2:37pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

they have to have been so hard up for money to agree to this shit ...

at least haim isn't fat anymore! well, sorta anyway.

like, whoa! [Wednesday,
June 21 at 12:26am]


it's been way too long since i've seen an entry from four a.m. pop up on my friends page. so i'm putting an end to the drought. this is just too fucking funny. those bastards have had at least half a dozen coming soon pages up on that site. it angers me severely. the graphic is actually nice this time, though. i like the short hair; it's especially nice. although it's not as good as the long greasy hair ...and wow, there's an american kid on the squad. that's fucking amazing!

in other news, i'm quite enjoying all of the football coverage i've been privy to the past couple of weeks. you're hiding a lot of hot boys from me over there, aren't you? of course, the only downside is that i have to hear about beckham and his twat of a wife every 5 minutes (the the way, what the fuck is up with his nicknames?) ...and why was this absolutely incredibly fucking hilarious to me:

"the abuse that beckham was receiving from english supporters peaked during england's 3–2 defeat by portugal in euro 2000, when a group of england supporters taunted him throughout the match with chants including 'we hope your kid dies of cancer.'"

god, i need to move to england. you need to teach me the crouch dance lol

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like, ew? [Wednesday,
March 22 at 1:36am]

just one more example of child stardom gone awry:

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