shun the nonbeliever!

application like whoa.

[One]Taco bell or Wendys?
+ wendys. mmm, frosties!

[Two]Where are you from?
+ lame ass, boring punta gorda....

[Three]Top 10 bands at the moment:
+ bright eyes
+ afi
+ thursday
+ rooney
+ brand new
+ jack off jill
+ eminem/d12
+ rammstein
+ OLD hanson - think mmbop.

[Four]Top 3 movies:
+ ghost world
+ good burger
+ bowling for columbine

[Five]Top 3 books:
+ go ask alice
+ helter skelter
+ the perks of being a wallflower

[six]are you straight edge?
+ nah. but i dont like drunken-ness.

+ female.

[eight]Play any instruments? If so what do you play?
+ yes, actually!!!
¤ Bb Clarinet
¤ Eb Clarinet
¤ Drums... kindof.

[Nine]Whats the magic number?
+ magic reminds me of harry potter. magic number? how about... 7. its fun to write.

[Ten]Promote this community and post the link here:
+ whorin' it out, bizitch!

[Eleven]THE BEST QUESTION...Wat Is Your Name?:
+ *whispers* my name is jocelyn. i rock your socks off. mm.

[Twelve]Post some pics of youself
pictures, two.Collapse )

i do really hope im cool enough!!!
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Sharon and Ryan

(no subject)

Hey, Kiddos!

THIS Friday, April 1st
Congregational Church of West Boxford (Lalz' neck of the woods, fyi)

BTJ, After the Sirens, Elm Street Rebels
Doors at 7:00, Show at 7:30
All ages
$5 cover

Come see your favorite screamo and post-core bands in action! Why? Because we LIKE you.


(no subject)

[Two]Where are you from?: suquamish Wa
[Three]Top 10 bands at the moment: I.C.P, tatu, red hot chill pepers, velviot revolver, eve 6, Dashboard Confessional, joss stone, pink floyd, cold, tweet
[Four]Top 3 movies:Pratical Magic, The Craft, G.I. Jane
[Five]Top 3 books: Cut, A shooting star, A shaterd mirro
[six]are you a straight edge? : yes
[seven]Gender: Female
[eight]Play any instruments? If so what do you play?: Bass and Guitar
[Nine]Whats the magic number?: 13
[Ten]Promote this community and post the link here:
[Eleven]THE BEST QUESTION...WHat Is Your Name?: Jessica London Brown
[Twelve]Post some pics of youself:

^ me and bf
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Saturday, November 13
7 PM. Sad Cafe, Plaistow, NH...
last show as a duo.

yeah emo kids, cry.

I am...

with love,
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Sharon and Ryan

You're the one who's breaking every heart in here/You're with stupid...

Okay, this one is REALLY important to me, because it's JUST me, and that's scary.

I've been at Gordon for 4 years now. This is my final semester as a piano student (my major instrument). I am performing my required senior recital in two weeks, as the culmination of my studies. I'm wicked excited, and would like anyone in the area to come and watch.

Sunday, November 21st 6PM
Gordon College campus, in Wenham, MA
Phillips Recital Hall

French Suite No. 2 in C-minor (JS Bach)
Concerto No. 2 in F Major, Mvt. 1 (Dmitri Schostakovitch)
Selections from Preludes (F. Chopin)
Rhapsody in Blue (George Gershwin)

I've been practicing between 3 and 7 hours a day, so it'd mean a lot to me to see some faces. Since it's free, hopefully some of you will come.

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Sharon and Ryan

November 19th

November 19th (Friday) is a show my band, BTJ, is playing at. The tentative schedule is thus:

David Ells Trio (niether a trio, nor having David Ells in the roster. Smooth flow music with elements of jazz and lots of humor. Think Weird Al meets Coldplay meets Dave Brubeck)

After the Sirens (Screamo/metal band that has recently been voted the best indie band in Massachusetts and as a result is representing MA in the national competition)

Good For Life (ska, baby, ska)

BTJ (Formerly Beehive Trumpet Jumpers, screamo/core/rock band with a fresh horn section resembling a cross between Coheed and Cambria and Taking Back Sunday)

This is just a tentative schedule, I'll have more as it comes along.

PS: The show is at Gordon College, in Wenham, MA


free webspace galore

Well i guess i have been accepted. Anyways,

I have my own domain and if you would like some webspace, let me know. I can give you up to 500mb or however much you need. Just leave a comment with a way i can contact you (aim would be nice)

My domain is



Just figured I'd give a little update and say hello. so hello.

Ok. My house is fine. I'm fine. I have the internet. And I'm gunna actually start checking my email/paying attention to whos trying to join. I'm sorry for being such a slow poke on the voting process... anyways there are still a few members that I have talked to that still lack power/the internet especially if they live anywhere near me. BUT everything is going to be up and running by monday ::hopefully::

Have a GREAT night everyone<3
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here it is... finally eh

[Two]Georgetown (Originally from Canada)
[Three]Top 10 bands at the moment:
well they arent all bands... lets say artists
ben folds
dj tiesto
paul van dyk

thats about it... i dont listen to much... i like all kinds but when it comes to my free time... these are my top 4.
[Four]Top 3 movies: fight club, secret window, butterfly effect
[Five]Top 3 books: flight #114 is down (elementary book that for some reason i loved), a+ (pc stuff) for dummies, guster road journal
[six]are you straight edge? no.. i do not drink tho.
[seven]Gender: male
[eight]Play any instruments? If so what do you play? if the pc counts, then yes.
[Nine]Whats the magic number? three
[Ten]Promote this community and post the link here:
[Eleven]THE BEST QUESTION...WHat Is Your Name?: ryan FORD keech
[Twelve]Post some pics of youself.. i dont have any... i do have pics of my pc if you want to see...

my app pretty much stinks... i dont have 10 artists, i dont read a lot, i dont have pics, i dont play instrument and on and on... im just a nerd... do they accept nerds here?
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