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Welcome to 30 Kinks--A community with the 30_kisses(thank you muchly!) theme in mind,
just for the yaoi fans, only a bit kinkier, of course. (Is 'kinkier' a word?)
[Also, sorry if the pink hurts your eyes. They kindof hurt
mine, but hey I needed a theme goin'..]

Just incase you're not familiar with 30 kisses, the basics are that you write/draw something for each of the themes, incorporating it in however you want. You can switch between writing and drawing if you want, also. Not picky ^^

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1. collars and leashes

2. kitty bell

3. on hands and knees

4. sadistic bastard

5. masochism

6. food

7. hands

8. piercings

9. paints/inks

10. not in the bedroom

11. striptease

12. music *

13. deserved a spanking

14. master

15. toybox

16. photos

17. mirror

18. roleplay/dressup

19. opposites

20. leather [seats?]

21. voyeurism & masturbation **

22. smell of sweat/smell of hair

23. burn

24. feather

25. "all tied up"/bondage

26. "look but don't touch"

27. games/mindfuck

28. homework/tutor

29. gift

30. "yamete, oshiri ga itai!"

(**If you use the phrase "solo show", I will love you forever. It amuses me a little too much. I may even draw you something in utter gratitude.)

+ + BONUS Themes + +
Don't have to do these, but they're here if you want. :3

31. uniforms (<3)

32. Nine Inch Nails - "Closer"
[lyrics can be found here]
(*can be used in place of [theme #12 music])

[Hehe.. well well well. Gotta say, I wrote these at 2
in the morning. Kindof surprised I actually came up with
30 things. I tried to keep them general, so there would be
less of the "ehh not my cup of tea" and more "oooh I could
do something with that."]
[And yes, #30 was just for my amusement.]

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Generally, I'm going to be pretty lenient. If I get enough requests
for this place to accept more than just yaoi, I'll consider it. Otherwise...

- fan yaoi pairings, original yaoi pairings, and anything your little
hearts desire is just fine. I just wanna see some of my favorite kinks, here.

- when posting, PLEASE use this form::
title: self explanatory
artist/author: username, penname, whatever you
want to be called. keep it consistent.
theme#: # and the theme
rating; warnings: PG-NC17. (I'm pretty sure none of these themes
could be made into a G rated fic/drawing. But hey if it is, that's
fine.) Also, warnings go here (i.e. blood, noncon, anything over a
little teasing and innuendo incase anyone's squeemish)
disclaimer/claimer: you don't have to say who does own your fandom,
but at least say they're not yours if they aren't. i think there's some
sort of legal thing with that...?
author's/artist's notes and/or summary:

[entry behind an LJ cut. if you don't know how to use an LJ cut,
I strongly suggest you click

- you may combine themes, but don't over-do it. I know a lot of these
themes could go together, but that's not the point of 30 kinks.

- you must request your pairing in the appropriate entry, and drop them
off in the appropriate entry. I notice some people fail to read occasionally...

- if you've done a certain amount of themes and can't do any more with
your pairing (which i hope won't happen..) you can forfeit them also at the drop off.

- once there are enough entries, i'll probably start categorizing them
in the memories. if anyone has a problem with that, let me know~

- i don't think i have to say this, but if someone else's kink/fic/drawing
isn't to your taste, don't say anything rude about it. period. if i notice
anyone trying to start something on more than one occasion, you're out.

- if you happen to think one or more of the kinks aren't really your style,
make it your style. interpret the kink anyway you want, just so long
as it's still clearly there. amuse yourself with them, if nothing else. :P

- maximum of two couples per person~

- if there are enough people here, I may add other rules as I see fit.
or others see fit. something like that.

- cliche, but HAVE FUN!

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contact ze mod:
email: shikenkanbaby[at]gmail.com