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title: Pony Play
artist/author: kat8cha
theme#: 18, Roleplay/dressup
rating; warnings:  PG-13, bondage, pony play,
pairing: Yukimura/Fuji (though this chapter has Sakaki/Fuji)
disclaimer/claimer: ~hum~ Don't own PoT!! It belongs to Konomi
author's/artist's notes and/or summary: Occasionally Yukimura loans Fuji out. (This is set in the same universe as 'Master' though presumably before it.)

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Onward hoe!

title: Kratos + Grumpy x Zelos = a whole shit load of weird
artist/author: niffe & sylviaviridian
theme#: 28. homework/tutor, 25. "all tied up"/bondage
rating; warnings: NC17, a bit of an large age difference, but no shota
disclaimer/claimer: I own nothing!
author's/artist's notes and/or summary: Another post ooh-la-la!
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KRF - Gen & Kengo Magnet

[Dirty Old Man] [Nanjirou/Fuji - PoT] [#21] [NC-17]

title: Dirty Old Man
artist/author: gottis_chan
theme: #21. voyeurism & masturbation
rating; NC17. 
Warnings: Slight shota, Man/Teenager, slight het (Lolita) hinting at the beginning
disclaimer/claimer: Prince of Tennis and all it’s characters belong to Konomi Takeshi and others, not me.
author's/artist's notes and/or summary: Nanjirou watches Fuji in the showers. This is meant to be part 1 in a series, where each theme is one chapter. Do enjoy! ^.^
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Szayel was here

In Your Skull [Bakura/Atemu, YGO, NC-17]

Title: In Your Skull
Fandom: Yuugiou
Author: skyla_doragono
Disclaimer: If I owned YGO, these two would be boinking at least once an episode. :P
Theme: #27 Mindfuck
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Pointless sex. Yay! :D
Summary: Atemu is alive, really alive, and enjoying every minute of it... until it turns out he still has a certain guest in his head...
Note: I am SO sorry it took me this long to actually write something. T_T; I feel horrible about it; please forgive me.

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title: Following Orders
author: Kat8Cha
theme#: #14, Master
PG-13, mostly teasing/innuendo, mentions of toys, past mentions of non-con.
disclaimer: I don't own prince of tennis. It belongs to Konomi.
A/N: Prince of Tennis fandom, pairing = Yukimura/Fuji
summary: Fuji waits for Yukimura in a coffee shop, and they have a civil discussion.

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[Viewfinder] [Asami/Takaba] [#17]

Title: Why Would You Offer More? (part 2 of 2)
Author: praiseofshadows
Theme: #17 (Mirror)
Pairing: Asami/Takaba (Viewfinder)
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Warnings: Gunplay flashbacks. Masturbation. Sex. Violence. Follows the events in Something Ugly This Way Comes.
Disclaimer: Yamane Ayano created the glory of Viewfinder. I'm just playing in her world.

The worst part of the whole affair is not that it happened but that Takaba still dreams about it.

[Viewfinder] [Asami/Takaba] [#27]

Title: Something Ugly This Way Comes (part 1 of 2)
Author: praiseofshadows
Theme: Theme #27 (Games/Mindfuck)
Pairing: Asami/Takaba (Viewfinder)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Gunplay. Coerced Sex. Angst. General oddness. Er...yeah.
Disclaimer: And of course, Viewfinder and all its characters belong to Yamane Ayano.

Takaba is as quiet as he can be, back to the wall as he edges closer to the window. From there, the angle should be just about perfect for his camera to capture the latest sordid dealings of the underworld.
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