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Thursday, November 20th, 2008
10:33 pm
i am new to miami
i am new to miami and looking for some where to meet people and just hang out. does anyone know any 18 clubs or any where i can just go and chill?

sorry for X-post.
Friday, November 2nd, 2007
3:35 am
[12.07.07] RAPTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL (8 Live Acts+54 DJs) MIAMI FL



{ R A P T U R E ! }

F R I D A Y _ 1 2 . 0 7 . 0 7

rapture internet flyer
{ click image for full event info & to r.s.v.p. }</b>


{ 8 LIVE PERFORMERS -- 54 DJ's }

</font>adel | allan banford (london, england) | anatoli russki | anton chasm (philadelphia pa)

bunny from rabbit in the moon (los angeles ca) (DJ SET) | butterflhigh (port st lucie fl)

cryotron (daytona fl) (LIVE) (rob real & anthony nuzzo) | cyberpunk | dagger | danny bled

deranged | devine & emilyplay (LIVE) | discjockeyjoey | djsteel | drumintellect | duchess

energetix | eric rage | esrever jd | f8al (orlando fl) | karmatika | kid kadian (cincinnati oh) (LIVE)

kramer | kriya & storm (LIVE) | london | mad hatter | mc motive | mendez (los angeles ca)

mike freeze | mike miro | monk | monte | nick wicked | nikolas | nova | obsession | okulus anomali

ology | pg-13 | pi-rate | proxxy (washington dc) | r.furey | rabbit | randomblare (LIVE)

rawtee | reptile | shockwave (port st lucie fl) | skylab2000 (los angeles ca) (LIVE)

special k | spy | synthetix | tantra | terror fx (LIVE) (pusher fm & bobby o'hara)

tobi-love & subgenre (LIVE) | wahrfar3 | wyzzard | zaixon | zane




~~~~( R.S.V.P. HERE! )~~~~

Note: In addition to being a music festival, Rapture is also an arts,
cultural and political festival. We are offering COMPLETELY FREE booth
and exhibit space throughout the venue for any painters, mixed-media
artists, sculptors, performance artists, or any organizations devoted
to political, environmental, harm reduction or other activities related
to an improved world future. Contact us on myspace or e-mail
rapture@euphoriaproject.org to reserve space!

Monday, March 5th, 2007
12:32 pm
The Hollywood Craft Mafia
Hi, everyone. I'm writing to invite you to join the Hollywood Craft Mafia Community, South Florida's source for all the latest on handmade crafts and DIY goodies in South Florida -- craft fairs, hip boutiques, new websites and products, we've got it all. Watch this community for news about our members and our businesses, and join up for exclusive insider sales and special offers, just for community members.

There'll be more news in the coming weeks. While you're waiting, why not check out our members' sites?

Ciara Loves You!, run by the super sexy Ciara
Kylasaurous, kept by the cute and crush-worthy Kyla
Lushbox, Inc, led by the lively, luscious Luca
Almightee, run by Jordan, a jolly gentleman
Mamadelic, managed by the mad maven Mona
Dragonfly Crafts, run by the ravishing Rebecca

Please accept my apologies if this isn't okay to post here -- we're just getting off the ground, and want to let as many people know about us as possible. Thank you for reading!
Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
7:15 pm
jhon luna going away & Wayuu solidarity events (please forward widely)
jhon luna going away & Wayuu solidarity events (please forward widely)

Two nights of events to raise awareness and support for local South Floridian, jhon luna, leaving to commit a year of accompaniment with the Organizacion Wayuu Munsurat in Guajira, Colombia.

Workshop Presentation about the Struggle of the Wayuu of Upper Guajira
-Thursday, Feb. 22nd @ 6pm.
-South Florida Jobs with Justice, 1671 NW 17th Ave, Allapattah, Miami, FL
-Come learn about Wayuu history & culture, the current struggle against international coal, & how to participate in this year's Yanama in Colombia.
- Their will be a slide show presentation about the last year's 2nd Annual Yanama.
- There will be snacks & refreshments served!!

Benefit Party/25-years olde on the 25th/Going away party for jhon luna.
- Saturday, Feb. 24th @ 8pm - $3-5 sliding scale entry donation
- "Coral Castle" (not the tourist coral castle) 219 NE 20th St., Miami, Fl
- Potluck (please bring food & drinks), slide shows, plenty of dancing!!
- There will be tables with distro information, Beehive Collective patches & posters, locally made shell jewelry (jhon luna made) and Wayuu bracelets.

All procceeds from the week's events go to the Organizacion Wayuu Munsurat and jhon luna's volunteer efforts with the group.

For more info or directions please contact:
jhon luna
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
5:04 pm
Rally in the face of the Monster
Latino Communities Join in Battle Over Gentrification
Midtown Miami is eating Wynwood

This Thursday
January 25th, 2007
3:00 pm
At the corner of 35 ST NW 1st AVE

Miami en Acción, a grassroots group in the historic Wynwood neighborhood, is holding
a rally against the rapid gentrification in their neighborhood. Midtown Miami and
other upscale renovations in the Design District are causing a dramatic increase in
evictions and rents. The group will be rallying to 'Stop the Gentrification' of
Wynwood. The event will be in front of a public housing unit that has been vacant
for over five years. Community members and leaders will be calling on the
government to fill all the vacancies in public housing and create thousands more
housing opportunities in the neighborhood for residents. Community members will be
constructing a wall for residents to add their names to the tens of thousands
already on the waiting list for subsidized housing.

Join with Miami En Acción in fighting gentrification!

For more information please contact sarai@theworkerscenter.org.
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
10:59 pm
Miami Superbowl Week of Action!!!!
[Please spread far, wide & fast]
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12:46 pm
Black Sheep in Love
The Black Sheep Craft Fair's Valentine Show offers DIY goodies for
your favorite girl or guy

DANIA BEACH, FL (Jan. 22, 2007) – This Valentine's Day, don't
bore your sweetie with flowers, chocolate or cheesy Hallmark
sentiments. You'll find the perfect V-day surprise at the Miami
Craft Mafia's Black Sheep Craft Fair on February 11, offering unique
clothing, accessories, bath products and more!

Featuring 100 percent handmade goods from some of the region's
most respected crafters and designers, the Black Sheep Craft Fair,
sponsored by the Miami Craft Mafia, is your one-stop shopping
destination for the national day of love. Shoppers with significant
others are sure to find that perfect, one-of-a-kind gift, whether
it's the sweetly scented vegan bath and body goodies at Lushbox or the
finely crafted jewelry of Dragonfly Crafts and PHBeads. Single? No
worries—pick up a few treats for yourself from
clothing and accessories vendors like Mamadelic, 75rabbit, Tinymeat
and Ciara Loves You!

Stop by even if you're not feeling spendy—Black Sheep is more
than just a craft fair. Musicians like Jill Harrtman will entertain you
on the open mic throughout the day, and catering will be on hand to
sustain you as you browse the tables. If you're lucky, you could win
handmade goods in a raffle or score a free gift, just for stopping
by. Between the outside vendors and Bettie, South Florida's newest
handmade boutique located at the site of the fair, there's something
for every shopper and the ones they love.

It's all happening Feb. 11 at Canterbury Square, 38 S. Federal
Highway in Dania Beach, FL. Check out Bettie!
for more information.

There's still time for local crafters to get involved. The Black
Sheep Craft Fair will accept vendor applications through Feb. 10.
Email mamadelic@hotmail.com
or shopbettie@excite.com
for more information.

About the Miami Craft Mafia
The Miami Craft Mafia is group of independent crafty, DIY
business owners in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area banding together
their resources, expertise and experience to bring the more unique,
edgier side of crafting to the forefront. Visit Miami Craft Mafia
to learn more.

About Bettie
Bettie is a boutique stocked with handmade designs located in
Dania Beach at 38 South Federal Highway. Founded by members of the
Miami Craft Mafia, the shop showcases the work of local designers and
crafters, as well as the best handmade goods from around the country.
Visit Bettie! to
learn more.
Thursday, January 18th, 2007
3:51 pm




Tons of Cerveza Aguila, food, auctions and great Colombian Music!
Please RSVP by January 25th - Call (305) 324-1107

-Miami based DOLE FRESH FLOWERS employs thousands of flower workers in Colombia. Most of whom are single mothers who:

-Make less than $150 per month

-Are forced to work up to 80 hours a week without full overtime pay

-Suffer from respiratory infections, numbness of limbs and partial paralysis
-Are often fired or do not have their contracts renewed if
they become pregnant

MORE INFO: myspace.com/flowercommittee
3:40 pm
"Miami Concert Against Coal and Climate Change"
"Concert Against Coal and Climate Change"
Wallflower Gallery * starting 7 pm * downtown Miami
A grassroots alternative to the "Coaltrans America" coal industry
convention happening Jan.31 & Feb.1 on Key Biscayne

Hey y'all in Miami,

So things are moving ahead pretty much on schedule with organizing against Coaltrans from my side -- it's exciting & I'm still expecting to be in Miami by this Friday or Saturday!

I talked again with Flash at Wallflower today, and confirmed with him that it'll be cool for us to hold a benefit "Concert Against Coal and Climate Change" there on Thursday night, February 1st. However he's pretty concerned (as am I, but less so because I know we're kick-ass organizers!) about the short amount of time we have to pull off this event...

So what I need from y'all now is some help finding good performers to donate their time that night. I'm open to whatever -- bluegrass, salsa, ska, fire-throwing, hip-hop, punk -- the more eclectic & fun the better to draw a crowd! Please forward this to anyone who could help ask around or might want to perform...

Also my new cell phone # is 856 535 5053 -- I'm leaving Knoxville, TN on the bus today around 6 pm & will keep the phone on tonight 'til it runs out of juice...

Solidarities & see ya soon ~
mountain justice summer
2:10 pm
Anyone looking for a Miami area job?
Interesting new site for anyone looking for a job...or MIGHT ever be looking for a job in South Florida. Not sure if they're based in Florida or not, but they do have a lot of referrals to Florida employers. Neat idea.

Friday, January 12th, 2007
3:38 pm
Miami: Urgent Call to Protest Mega Coal Gathering:Jan 31-Feb 1
Miami: Urgent Call to Protest Mega Coal Gathering:Jan 31-Feb 1
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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
1:11 pm
All Out Against Gentrification
Miami SuperBowl Week-of-Action

Mobilize for affordable housing and community control of land
January 29-February 3, 2007

The County of Miami/Dade has lied to, deceived, and abandoned its people.
Developers' greed and political corruption have left residents to fend for
themselves in the face of a severe and widely recognized housing crisis. In
one of the most severe cases, Miami's Hope VI Plan shut down the
Scott-Carver Project's 851 units of public housing, replacing them with only
80 units. Meanwhile, city officials vote to destroy Black and Latino/a
neighborhoods by giving away public land to erect condos for an influx of
richer, whiter residents.

While this process of gentrification may be occurring at an accelerated pace
in South Florida, it is not an isolated trend. Urban acreas across the U.S.
are feeling its effects: displacement, poverty, homelessness... This is the
extension of a colonialism that displaced people from their places of
origin; an industrial capitalism that forced people into cities; and a
racist segregation that abandoned them there. Now people are being
disenfranchised again by money-hungry real estate investors. This is the
ongoing story of people who don't have control over their own land and
communities. But it's time for another story to be told...

On February 4, 2007, the Superbowl will take place in Miami and news media
from around the country will focus on our city. While government officials
spend millions making the city look good for the game they will continue to
hide and ignore the crisis in housing. But community activists will be
taking the opportunity to highlight the impacts of gentrification and
grassroots resistance to it, not only in Miami-Dade County, but throughout
the entire country's urban communities.

There will be coordinated and autonomous actions for the week leading up to
the big game, January 29 to February 3, 2007. All are invited to
participate. A calendar of events and actions will be available as the week
draws nearer. Tent housing will be available for the week of action.

For updates and more background info, check: TakeBackTheLand.blogspot.com
Thursday, January 4th, 2007
2:18 pm
Record Shops?
I'm new here, are there any good vinyl shops in Miami, I live in Coral Gables and work on Lincoln Road.

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, December 15th, 2006
10:08 am
Friday, December 8th, 2006
12:52 pm
3 chances left!!! skampida tomorrow @ churchills in miami
Hey kids, if you still have not seen the bestest, funnest, revolutionary ska-reggae-cumbia-champeta-punk band to ever hit the 305, well you only have three chances left before they return to colombia and tomorrow is the first.

Churchills in lil haiti=miami

for more infor check: http://www.myspace.com/skampidafastidia
Friday, November 24th, 2006
8:34 pm
attn. lovers of good music in south florida!!
attn. lovers of good music in south florida!!

skampida, the awesome, award winning, kick ass colombian ska-reggae-cumbia-champeta-punk band that has called miami its home for about a year now is preparing to return home at the end of this year. though lucky enough, there are a couple so fla shows left.

if you have not yet to hear or see skampida play live, this is definetly a last opportunity to not be missed. not only do they create excellent music but also the beehive collective, miami flower committee & cimarron distro will also be this weekend's show with a art & literature distro table.

for samples & more check:

November, 25 2006 at bull frogs/miami
2344 ne 2 av. wynwood, miami, Florida 33137
Cost: $ 7

December, 9 2006 at churchill's/miami
5501 ne 2 ave miami, florida 33127
Cost: ??

December, 16 2006 at JQ billiards/weston
1372 sw-160 ave., sunrise, Florida 33326
Cost: $10
Saturday, October 28th, 2006
1:31 pm
From Miami Shantytown

In response to a critical crisis of affordable housing for low-income and
the homeless, particularly in the Black community, On October 23, 2006 at
3:00pm, a group of organizations and individuals took control of city and
county owned land for the benefit of the people.

The 'Take Back the Land' movement is appealing to all people of conscience
for your direct support.

The group, convened by the Center for Pan-African Development, took control
of vacant land on the corner of 62nd St. and NW 17th Ave. in the Liberty
City section of Miami, FL, with no permits, permissions or agreements to use
the land. After a brief standoff with Miami police, officials recognized our
right to public land and left us alone.

Today, the land, which stood vacant for 9 years after the demolition of a
low income apartment complex, feeds people every night and houses the
homeless in tents and makeshift structures built from wood and by the hands
of all volunteer labor. We took control of the land because the government
has been actively making matters worse, not better. Therefore, we are forced
to provide for our community in a way the government is unable or unwilling
to do themselves.

The powers-that-be are not pleased that a bunch of poor people and activists
have taken over the land they want to develop for the benefit of the rich.
We know they are planning the best way to force us off the property. We,
therefore, are asking for your support in two ways:

1. Send a Letter of Support. Sign our online petition of support, or
send one of your own, to the Center for Pan-African Development, Carlos
Alvarez, Mayor of Miami-Dade County and Manny Diaz, Mayor of the City of
Miami. We only have one demand: Leave us alone. The government has broken
enough promises and stolen enough money that we do not want their "help," we
only want them to leave us alone as we help our people.

2. Make a Donation. We are building structures, providing food, some
clothing and housing to people at no charge to them with an all volunteer
workforce (including the homeless and local residents). There is no other
way to put this: we need your financial contribution to continue. Please,
make a Paypal contribution to the cause, or mail a check direct to us.

Social movements emerge, survive, thrive and advance through the work of the
community and the support of people of good conscious. We need your help
now. Thank you in advance.


Max Rameau
Center for Pan-African Development
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
1:14 pm
Can’t find a home in Miami? Well then take the land back!
Can’t find a home in Miami? Well then take the land back!
-jhon luna; aquamono@gmail.com

At about 3pm on Monday Oct. 23rd, a coalition of local Black community organizations, Homeless groups, anti-racist youth and local community members have occupied an empty city owned lot at the intersection of NW 17th Ave & 62 St. in Miami’s Liberty City. The corner lot, once the location of several public housing facilities and most recently littered with trash is now the home of a growing shantytown for areas homeless & impoverished residents. In the midst of local political scandals, corruption, mismanagement and a backwards housing policy, locals have empowered themselves to create the housing the city has not. Local political leaders continue to remain stagnant in their abilities to help the cities working class communities of color, so these communities have taken it upon themselves to combat the hardship that face them on a daily basis.

It’s been a couple of months since the local newspaper the Miami Herald published a series on the housing emergency called, House of Lies. What local residents & activists have been voicing for years, local politicians finally responded when a large media outlet cornered them with the facts, photographs and documents of corruption and an at best, idiotic housing policy, eliminating housing as the demand for it grows. Since the late 1990s local politicians have been giving away millions of dollars earmarked for affordable housing and city & county owned land to luxury condominium developers. Affordable housing becomes scarcer by the week as homes and apartments buildings are razed for the ever-expanding skyline of luxury high-rise condominiums for the cities incoming gentrifiers. A phenomenon not unique to Miami, gentrification is tearing though urban centers across the country and displacing low-income communities of color with more affluent and whiter residents.

Since the publishing of House of Lies, there have been protests, an occupation of a County Hall meeting, sit-in at different County Commission funding meetings and a list of demands presented to local officials. All have been ignored. Meanwhile the city continues to drop millions into the newly finished Carnival Center of Performing Arts and pushing to break ground on the Crosswinds luxury condominium. Both facilities in Miami’s Overtown, once a Mecca of Black culture now one of the poorest areas in the entire country. As for the rest of the city, Miami is the third poorest city in the US after the push to displace even more poor people out of the city so that we would no longer be the number one poorest city in the country.

Meanwhile at the shantytown in Liberty City, the communal circle and fire are being built, more tents are being erected, a children’s area is being put together, gardens and trees are making their way into the lot. There is talk of hosting everything from workshops on permaculture, spoken word events and maybe film showings if a projector can be donated. Residents from the surrounding communities including the Pork & Beans Projects are coming into the community donating what little time and resources they have in full support of the efforts of the shantytown. While providing housing for those that need it, the shantytown will be training incoming residents in the skills involved in its construction & maintenance so that people can replicate it elsewhere. Volunteers of all capabilities are encouraged to come in and help as much or as little as they can. Residents are sharing responsibilities, space, & food as they get prepared to keep camp for the long haul. What are the demands of the shantytown’s residents? The same they have been for years, decent, clean affordable housing for all that need it.

For more information:
Max Rameau, Center for Pan-African Development, afrimax@gmail.com 786-556-6881
Amanda Seaton, amandaseaton2004@yahoo.com 305-978-8612
Friday, October 13th, 2006
8:11 pm
Monday, October 9th, 2006
6:54 am
Hi everybody!

My girlfriend and I found 4 adorable puppies on the side of the road and we couldn't bear to just leave them there! They were chasing cars alongside their parents in Homestead/Florida City.

When we got them, they were about 7-8 pounds each. Now, just a week or so of good food, de-wormer, and advantage for fleas and ticks, they are almost 15 pounds each! They are still very young, small and all of them are super duper sweet.

I'm guessing they are a mix between a lab and some kind of terrier. They are small, compact, and mostly blonde/brown. We have adopted one out already, and we are looking for good homes for 3 more.

If you're in the miami/broward/homestead location, email me or leave a comment here and we can exchange phone numbers and you can come and see them, play with them, and pick one out!

adopt me!

There is a fee of $40 dollars to adopt the puppy. This covers their deworming medications, advantage application and food. All money goes to their supplies, and to supply other animals we are fostering or to the Cat Network of South Florida.


-Amanda (theamaranth@aol.com)
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