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I'm new...or something...


name: Lauren
age: 17
location: Sydney, Australia
sex: (don't say "yes please", it's not funny) YES PLEASE!!!!

favorite bands: Deicide, devildriver, black sabbath, dimmu borgir, Brittany spears y0.
favorite movies: Jason and the argonaughts, dungeons and dragons, spirted away, adventure movies!

abortions: Society today is so self absorbed to the point where inflicting their opinion on a mother's choice is common. Most arguments on the subject are retarded, so I don't feel I even need to argue it.
gay marriage: With all judgement on homosexuals aside, I really don't give a fuck wheather or not queers want to get married. How about we all just marry our cars and houses. How's that for ignorance?
drugs: If I had kids, I wouldn't let them do drugs for obvious reasons, for that...I choose not to do them myself. Hypocriticy is the best way to lose an argument.

*BONUS QUESTION* Where did you promote or recommend _2hot4u_ to?:

My journal. Go look, not fucking linking you, you lazy bastards.

now post ATLEAST 3 pictures of yourself
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I'm on the left (we're super heros)

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