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name: Stephanie, also called Steph or Stephy =)
age: 17.. 18 on October 5th
location: South Philly
sex: (don't say "yes please", it's not funny) Lady

favorite bands: The Used, My Chemical Romance, Green Day.. I also like dance such ass Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani (i also like her No Doubt stuff.. ive always been a fan), and Christina Aguilera.. i also like Eminem & 50cent
favorite movies: Serendipity, The Sandlot, American History X


abortions: I personally dont like it. If you are having pre-marital sex and you get pregnant you should have some form of protection. If something however does go wrong (even as an accident) you shouldnt just kill the baby off. If you dont want it, put it up for adoption or at least try to cope with knowing you'll be a mommy or daddy. Its your reposnibility so you should be mature about it.
gay marriage: I think its alright. Gay people fall in love too. I have gay friends who have partners and I think its sweet.
drugs: No way.. I know lots of people who are on drugs and theyve been kicked out of their house, no where to go, stealin money.. it's not pretty either. You get really ugly and gross lookin when your hooked.


*BONUS QUESTION* Where did you promote or recommend _2hot4u_ to?: cutt_or_boot


now post ATLEAST 3 pictures of yourself

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