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so a long time ago
I bought Donnie Darko
in Germany.

And it didn't work on any of my DVD players,
OR my PS2.

So I tried it on my computer
and it WORKED!

You should all watch it in German.
Frank's voice is terrifying.

It's wonderful....

Jillian XOXO


hello, dear friends!
i recall visiting this community before - i might even post, im not sure though. I want to brighten up this place a bit! =)
I can watch "Donnie Darko" endlessly =) Firstly i was intrigued then gave me another kick into my head about the idea of a form - to get anything done well you need it to have a beautifully completed form what Mr. Kelly did with "Donnie Darko".
Offtop: anything i am trying to put into words seems to be a lie ever after i did it. Insidiuos words should be forgotten just after the idea is grasped! Yes!

What did you realise after watching it? Did it echo back your heart`s feelings or your head`s thoughts?
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OT: Champlain Valley Nightmare

*writhes, purring*

Hello Darko Fans,

My name's Jadin. I'm part of The Champlain Valley Nightmare up in Vermont. It's an event you may be interested in, and the DVD of the 2005 event is coming out tomorrow. mm-MM.

A little about the event: Best FX makeup in the state, full-cast stage combat battle, integrated storyline, professionally rehearsed cast, and some of the scariest, nastiest interactive theatre we can come up with. You WILL get some sort of fluid on you in the course of the night.

A little about me: I am a Skratchgirl. My emotions are controlled by the DJ of the club. We run the place, and once a year, the doors to the biggest predator club this side of the Atlantic open up to the general public. It's an excellent chance to get fresh blood, but it's also a chance for the human trash to try to shut us down. The battle lines are drawn for Halloween weekend. And I love violence.

Come visit our livejournal and find out more: Nightmarevt.
I'd LOVE to get to know some more Darko fans. More the merrier and all that.


christ/lunatic/ and a misunderstood high school student

hey i noticed there was a post about a theory that the whole of donnie darko is about someon ewho is schizophrenic and therefore the whole movie is about his delusions. a lot of people replied that it could be that he actually is time travelling, and results with a lot of intense unusual emotions cuase of being a living receiver, even a christ figure.

personally, i was thinking the movie is deliberately ambiguous about reality, to add the intrigue and mystery... and that questioning reality, philisophically and literally, is part of the point of the movie.
anyone else find their reality shaken by it?
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i was really happy when donnie darko came out cuase i have a lot of similar emotional problems and have been delusional at times... and i really love philosophy, plus the soundtrack is awesome... so it makes a lot of sense.
cause after seeing it, when you can relate so much, you think maybe were not alone

-peacenlove, ezekiel
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Hi fellow darkos

I adore this movie..and until recently I was not able to see the humor in it...I only saw the horror and depression. PLus it has Watership Down in it, how much better can a movie be...Hehehehe ok so it is not the best but it is one of MY best movies.


I've been a big fan of Donnie Darko since the day it came out in theaters. I just joined this community a few minutes ago, but I thought I'd share my views on this fine work of art:

In all the years, I've probably seen Donnie Darko over 50 times, and it never gets boring. Tonight I was sitting in my room, listening to a few tracks from the movie (not the soundtrack, mind you, just a few of the songs featured in the film) and a profound emotion came over me. There's something sinister about Donnie Darko that I love to pieces, something so eloquent that I've never seen in a movie before or since--something that I can't quite put my finger on. A rule of thumb with me (call it judgemental if you want), but I literally force all of my friends to watch this movie at least once to get their views on it. Most don't understand it, many think it's just about some crazy kid who sees a giant bunny. But there's so much more too it...

I can't really put down in words what I'm trying to express here. It's so easy to relate to the character of Donnie on so many different levels it blows my mind. There's this morbid fascination that I have with him, this feeling of sadness that I see in myself (as I'm sure many other people do, too) and I get this strange comfort knowing that it was acurately portrayed in film. Rather than leaving the movie feeling depressed, it always puts a dark smile on my face. For I know that I'm not alone in feeling the way I do. I just love the movie so much. In fact, a friend and I drove three hours out of the way to go see it played in a theater a few months ago.

I probably just wasted your time by making you read this. And if so, I'm sorry. I just wanted to say how I felt about the movie, and I hope I did...
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Hello. I just joined this community a few minutes ago.

Awhile ago, I stumbled upon a theory from a psychology student that suggested that Donnie is actually just schitzophrenic, and that everything happening in the movie is just a result of his mental illness. I don't personally agree with this information - surely the Director's Cut and website prove otherwise? However, I am interested to know if anyone else has any light to shed on this theory, or if you believe it yourse. To me, it takes away the real depth and message from the movie, but perhaps I am alone here.

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Hi there again.  Ok, Thought I would make another post now I have made an introdution.

I think I will pose a question to you all: 
Do you think Donnie had to die?

Personally, I am not sure, so your views on a postcard (or LJ post) please!

david lynch and isabella rossellini

Just wanted to say hello..

Hi! I joined this community about a month ago but this is the first time I'm writing anything here.

So, I fell in love with Donnie Darko about six months ago, when we watched it on dvd with my friends. Couple of them didn't like the movie, because they didn't quite understand it. I've seen it many many times now and I still love it. My favourite character is Frank by the way.

(This community seems to be very quiet, so I'm just wondering is there any point to belong to this. Tell me if there is, or I probably leave this soon.)

And sorry, my English isn't so good..