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I thought I would introduce myself as this is my first post!
Name: Lorna!
Age: 18.
What you love most about 2004: So many things!!! Firstly, I was mega happy during 2004, made shed loads of friends and was confident with myself!! yay!!
But 2004 also introduced me to many fab things like the joys of football, and ROONEY! and MP3 players!

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I figured you pplz might be into this, maybe you haven't heard about it.

Many websites recently have been offering free iPods for completing simple offers and getting others to do so. The companies get paid by the referral companies, and they make enough to give you an iPod and still make a profit. It's legit.

Click the link, sign up, and complete one of the offers. The AOL offer is probably your best bet. Sign up for 90 day trial, cancel it after about 3 weeks (Note: cancelling it immediately won't work). The blockbuster trial is good too.

Need a credit card or bank account number, but it costs you nothing as long as you cancel in time.

After you've completed an offer (i.e. signed up for AOL), you click the button beneath that offer that says "I have completed this offer"

Then get 5 other people to sign up under you, and you get an iPod or iRiver. Simple as that.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.