I <3 The Andy's (winston01) wrote in _1promote1_,
I <3 The Andy's

I recently created this community entitled friendsgraphics.
It is a community on posting your graphics to get rated but it also works as a graphic request community, AND a place where you can freely take icons, headers, etc. made by our memebers.

We are also currently looking for a second moderator!
If you would liek to be the second moderator please comment on any post in that journal telling us why you should be picked, and why you'd like to be picked!

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    Сгорающая топливно-воздушная смесь в цилиндрах двигателей образует газы, температура которых может достигать от 1800 до 2200 градусов по Цельсию.…

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    17-летний Богдан Мозговой из Уфы установил новый рекорд России на дистанции 100 метров на спине. Чемпионат России по плаванию на короткой воде среди…

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