December 14th, 2007

mrs peel gun

Cult TV Lounge - 60s and 70s cult TV

In the 1960s the British gave the world the Beatles and mini-skirts, Swinging London and Carnaby Street. And some of the coolest TV series ever made. cult_tv_lounge is a community that celebrates those programs. Programs like The Avengers, Danger Man, Department S, The Prisoner, Captain Scarlet, The Champions, Thunderbirds and UFO.

We also talk about British shows of the 70s, like Callan, The Sweeney, Blakes 7 and Space: 1999 and some American shows as well, such as The Wild Wild West, I Spy and of course The Man from UNCLE. If you love these programs, then the place you need to be is the Cult TV Lounge.

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