November 16th, 2007

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Blackhart Academy

Blackhart Academy is one of the better-known private high schools of New England. It offers a wide variety of elective classes, while having variations of the core classes that seem to keep students interested. Built in 1906, it sits on a lush campus complete with a soccer field, a baseball field, a football field, two heated Olympic sized pools, two tennis courts, a juice bar, a vast library, an exercise room, and an indoor pool (which is situated with male and female locker rooms, and a sauna for each). These aren’t the things the parents love the academy for, however. The teachers at Blackhart are the strictest around, complete with unwavering lesson plans and strict punishment.

Behind this perfect façade is a dark secret, though. The teachers at Blackhart may like their punishment a little too much, and more than once has a teenager been whipped into shape rather literally. Even the principal has been known to really punish the students, rather than choosing to make them sit in detention for several hours. Most of the students don’t exactly despise this form of punishment, but the ones that don’t keep their lips sealed for the fear of further punishment. All of this is kept hush-hush, and the parents remain blissfully unaware while they’re sipping margaritas and floating somewhere in the Caribbean.

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