June 17th, 2007

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Blingo is a search engine, powered by Google, in which simply performing your daily searches can garner you goods — things like iPods, PSP, iTunes gift cards, VISA gift cards, and more.

To join Blingo you don't have to give away any personal information at all (until you win — then you'll need to tell them where to ship your prize). You will have to provide your e-mail address, but they won't sell it to other parties.

If you're going to search the Internet, why not get FREE stuff for it?

Once you join Blingo, you can increase your chances of winning by inviting your friends to join and use Blingo. When one of them wins a prize you win the same prize! That means if one of your friends wins an iPod, you win one too. How awesome is that?

Click here to join & WIN with me on blingo!!

Don't believe me?