April 26th, 2007

(no subject)

name: kim.
internet alias: kim kim cahoo.
age: 21.
location: tx.
interests: makeup, fashion, music(a vast range), vitamin water, hot wings, juicy couture, purses, shoes, dvds!!
current obsession:
Win Free Prizes

about me: hi, i'm kim! heh. first off, let me address that you may see this cross posted to several communities because i am on the search for some rockin' lj-friends. this is my newest journal. my old one is letsd0somelivin, but i got bored with that one. i like winning free stuff, which is why i've posted a button above about my current obsession, winzy. (a little off topic, but if you click that button and join, then we will be linked as friends and basically it works this way = if you win something, then i win it, too. and if i win something, then you get it as well! and yes, it is legit.) umm, i just got married to my high school sweetheart this past february, and prior to that we had our first baby in mid-january. my little boy rocks. i'd like to consider myself an amazing, unique mother so ode to that!
looking for: lj friends of all kind! i like the ones that comment, i like the ones that have entertaining posts, and it's always a plus if we have the same interests! & young parents like myself that have some styleeee!

add me.