January 28th, 2007

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No longer the same definition

Chimera is a slash role-playing community based on band members and actors
Partially AU

Chimera is a fantasy brought to life, a dream come true, a paradise designed just for gay and bisexual boys. A place where they can be who they want, do what they want without consequences, and not care who's watching. Chimera is a small town, hours away from any civilization. This town holds no authorities, but every month a few come in for an assessment, and are on call for emergencies. Why should there be any emergencies at all? Chimera is a town of fun, and fantasy, just for those boys who need it, or want a little more. Everything a gay boy can think of, goes. Their needs are met, their wants are fulfilled.

Anything can happen in Chimera

Are you ready for this?

Rules/Info/App Taken/Held Apply here 

Wanted: AFI (all), 30stm (all), MCR (all -Gerard&Frank&Mikey), Fall Out Boy (all -Pete), P! ATD (all -Ryan&Brendon), The AAR (all -Tyson), etc.