January 13th, 2007


classic movies

movie_greats is a new movie community for discussing movies made up to 1979. We discuss every kind of movie from that time period – silent movies, German Expressionism, pre-code films, the Warner Brothers musicals of the 30s, 1930s gangster films, film noir, screwball comedies, romantic movies, MGM musicals, Italian neo-realism, French New Wave, British New Wave, Hitchcock, the new German cinema, Japanese movies, science fiction films, the Universal monster movies, Hammer horror, etc. Directors from Hitchcock to Kubrick, from Fellini to Howard Hawks, from Billy Wilder to Kurosawa. Stars from Cary Grant to Paul Newman, from Louise Brooks to Jane Fonda, from Peter Lorre to Elizabeth Taylor. We just love movies. We’re hoping for some in-depth discussions as well as lots of fun.

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