January 4th, 2007

altered reality

Shall we dance?

Random Questions???????? - random questions with a bad case of worms
FUBARBeyond·Wrong - stuff in your life you wanna post but not where your normal friendslist will see it
ListaholicsBook·of·Lists - for those of us that love making lists
Livejournal OverdoseCommunity·Crack - for advertising your communities in
Giggle·FestHouse·of·Happy - cuz we all need a good giggle from time to time
For the Love of FoodKiss·the·Chef - do you know any good recipes?
Help us!LJ·Addicts·Anonymous - not entirely sure but as long as it's livejournal related
Bwah-ha-hah!!!!Meme·Express - memes, quizzes, Q&A's, challenges, etc.
a laugh for your soulNaughty·lil·Devils - a bit of religion with room for shit & giggles
PhotobugsPhotobugs - share whatever your camera has captured
Crazy AmericansPower·to·the·People - We the People may not like the President but we support our troops!
Maintainers/Moderators Unite!Ship·of·Fools - place to dicsuss the communities you moderate/manage
Television AddictionSlaves·to·the·Box - we are glued to the tube and screwed
Sporks for LJSporky·Reviews - a fairly defunct journal rating thingamabob
LJers of the Golden StateThe·Argument·Clinic - you got a fucking problem?
Nightmares & NotThe·Dreamscape - tell the dreams that coast under your eyelids at night
WeirdfolksWeirdfolks - about as self·explanatory as you're ever likely to get
The PackWerewolves·Howl - we're not furries and we don't play fetch
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cult movies community

I’ve started a new community, cult_movie, for lovers of cult movies – anything from 1950s schlock science fiction to Russ Meyer, from 1940s B-movies to David Lynch, from Jess Franco’s horror films to Andy Warhol’s underground movies, from German horror movies of the 1920s to contemporary indie films, from 1970s lesbian vampire flicks to Ed Wood, from independent film-makers like Derek Jarman to Harold and Maude, from 50s camp classics like The Bad Seed to 80s camp classics like The Lair of the White Worm, from 50s juvenile delinquent movies to 60s and 70s Eurotrash. In fact we discuss almost anything that can be considered a cult movie. The only things we don’t discuss are slasher movies, modern horror gorefests and similar stuff. If you love offbeat movies check us out.

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All Dogs go to Heaven


Join Polyjuices!

Join polyjuices !
Brand new community!

+ Four different houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
+ House points and House cup
+ Not focused on looks
+ Lots of different activities
+ And lots more!