December 14th, 2006

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Comicbook Art

Art by InkComix is a place to post any and all comicbook art, or related works, that you've been impressed by. We're a little loose limbed with LJ·cuts in this community so I thought I'd include examples of what's acceptable.

Thunbnail posts are perfectly fine, if you know how to do them:

If you haven't on already, as a surprising number of folks tend to not get, clicking on those brings up much larger images. These are not the typical type of posts though. A standard sized post is generally a single image at it's normal and full resolution. The only rule for those is that it is a single image, multiples would have to involve an LJ·cut, and that it be no wider than the size of the screen; figuring that most folks have their resolution at least at 800x600.

So, what is a standard post like?

for this community this is a standard sized postCollapse )
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The founders and students of Accio would like to invite YOU to the grand opening of Accio, a sorting community based on the magical world created by JK Rowling. Come join us and talk in the Great Hall about anything, from the new cat you got to what you're doing for dinner next, to of course , anything to do with Harry Potter. Or come and show us your spiffy graphics in our Graphics Alley, or anything else, there's tons left to do. Our mission is simple: Credere. Discere. Fieri. To Believe. To Learn. To Become. Just fill out an application at acciosortinghat and come mingle with the best of the best.

Oh yeah, if anyone asks, just say starsniper referred you *grin*