November 25th, 2006


add me! =B

add me! =B

lil onion chan!!

my name is lisa, i'm nineteen. ^____^v

i *love* cute/kawaii things. yes i know i'm too old for it, but i'm still a little girl at heart. i love san-x, saniro, tamagotchi... basically anything japanese related. ( anime, manga, you know all that sorts of stuff! ) which reminds me... me & my buddie crimsonmind are escaping to tokyo one of these days......

Ness from Earthbound for SNES

I play a lot of video games. i'm constantly playing a new video game. i prefer RPGs, but i'll play almost anything. i have almost every game system besides the newest ones. i'm currently playing pokemon ranger for the nintendo DS.


you should add me because... i'm constantly updating with pictures, icons, friends only banners.. *stuff for you!!!* ... my layout is always eye candy! go look ---> _rancid_rose .. i'm an artist! so there is always something to look at in my journal! i try to keep up with my comments often. i also sew & i'm good with crafts, so i often show pictures of my musings.. PLUS ... i'm cute!! hehee.. =B

so, COMMENT, and i'll add you after you've added me. so go to my journal. leave a comment there & add me, and i'll be sure to do the same! so....

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