September 18th, 2006

master of poke-fu

they say it's good to start small and build outward

10:30 PM 9/7/06 · I've got two communities that have small memberships and not much interaction. One's so small I'm the only one there (it's still being setup). So, I'd appreciate your membership & participation in these:

Videos & DVDs & disc...oh my!Renting·Reviews is for anyone that rents movies that is up for posting a review of it. Pretty simple, just write up a what you thought, spoilers under an LJ·cut, and let the other members know what you think. Just because you've seen some horrible movies doesn't mean everyone has to and if you've seen something good it's nice to put the word out. Probably best to keep one review per post but that's up to you.

Television AddictionSlaves·to·the·Box for those of you that have as little a life as I do (God save us!) or those that are just hopelessly addicted to television in general, be it normal channels or cable or satellite, share what you watch here. Let people know about interesting stuff that's coming up, chat about the programs you can't get enough of, and just generally bitch and moan about the horrible things the people on the other side of the screen are doing.

Keeping to my own communities for advertising on this but for those of you that may be in more than one of those...Hello again!
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