September 7th, 2006

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Hi there! I'm here to represent my community sesshi_icons . We are a fairly new community that is strictly for icons. You don't have to be extremely talented to join. You don't even have make anything. If you just find a really cool icon on the internet, post it, and say where you got it from! There is no competition. We do have weekly themes, but they are completely voluntary. You can post whatever, as long as you abide by our few rules. Anyone is welcome. There are no audition, or "ratings". You can feel confident posting your stuff. We encourage all to join, to help our small little community grow!

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Inspired by....

Who or what are you inspired by? Why? Share the happiness that comes with being inspired. Or alternatively share something that you were inspired to create.
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The people can be only known to you or they may be famous. The event may have been on tv or in the newspaper, or it might have happened to a friend. All that counts is that you have been inspired by it.